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Friday, May 24, 2013

Wishbone Flyers Winner Goes Long

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Tanner is NOT Excited at All
Tanner has a complaint to register with regard to the Wishbone Flyer. From the look in his eyes, he is apparently telling me "We did not play long enough. Can't we keep going?"  I see that plea often when we play Fetch in the pool, but the dog park is a much hotter place where the sweltering heat tends to wear Tanner out much faster. 

Thankfully, we did our first Wishbone Flyer shots during the cooler months of Winter. I can tell you, though, Tanner is not ready to leave the Wishbone Flyer at home when we head off to the park. Quite the opposite, this morning he lured me back to our supply shelf to indicate with his snout that I had forgotten his new favorite toy. Those imploring eyes made me feel guilty that we did not have time for a long dog park outing, but I took it along for a quickie. No more sore arms for me :)

Our arsenal of fetch toys is growing. The Wishbone Flyer is an exciting addition, making it
courtesy Wishbone Flyers
easier to throw the ball farther to give Tanner a better workout--over and over again. He seems to never tire of this game.

Our winner, Kelly T., will receive a Wishbone Flyer direct from the company. Made in the USA, this great implement will keep Artie in great shape for years to come. Congrats Kelly!

You can pick up your Wishbone Flyer on their website, or ask questions and follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Want to reread our review? Just click here. Best wishes for a safe and fun Memorial Day.

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All Things Dog Blog reviewed the Wishbone Flyer and has provided this giveaway as a service to our readers. We were not paid to bring you our opinion of this product and the thoughts we shared are our own.


Dawn said...

That toy looks like a lot of fun! Maya's too lazy to chase a toy very far and Pierson gets distracted too easily. He'd run halfway then catch the sight of a squirrel or rabbit and change direction. Why fetch a ball if you can chase a squirrel? :)

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