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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get Fit! Natural Balance Photo Contest

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

With such soaring numbers of pets growing overweight, Natural Balance has taken action to help promote a solution. As an NB Insider, I'm proud to say they're not just throwing a product at the problem and stopping there. They've taken a thorough approach to offering resources, tips, ideas, and you'll even be hearing from me on this topic.

Knowing that extra pounds often lead to heart disease, diabetes and other health problems, your pet needs your help to get him fit and healthy. Unlike humans who make their own food choices, our pets depend on us to provide a balanced diet and adequate exercise, while still allowing a few extra calories to reward them for good behavior and training work that are important to our bonding. We believe bonding is important too!

To help you get started on the road to your pet's perfect weight, Natural Balance is sponsoring a photo contest that you'll hardly be able to take a pass on. The payoff for both you and your pet's health, could be enormous:

Who:      Overweight Dogs and Cats
What:     A Photo Contest!
Where:   The Natural Balance Facebook Page:
When:     April 23 - May 7 (2 weeks to submit your photos of 'Fat Fido' and 'Fat Fluffy'
Why:       Terrific prizes and inspiring information and resources, more below...
How:       Your entered photo will be judged by Natural Balance's judges

Here's the prize lineup:
  • finalists (3 dogs and 3 cats – all chosen by Natural Balance based on pet’s need of transformation) will win a 6 month supply of Fat Dogs or Fat Cats Food & treats.
  • winners (1 dog and 1 cat – chosen by fan voting on Facebook) will win the following:
    o   A one year’s supply of Fat Dogs or Fat Cats Formula
    o   An interactive pet fitness kit--wowzer!
    o   A feature of your pet on
    o   A $200 VISA gift card to spend on your pet--double wowzer :)

Selection of finalists and winners:
  • May 9 – May 15:  3 dog and 3 cat finalists announced; One week voting period on Facebook for winners
  • May 21:  Winners announced (1 dog and 1 cat)

I'll be sharing tips and strategies with you during the contest, as well as some of my own activity ideas that may be a good fit for some of you. In addition, the resources from Natural Balance are terrific. Be sure to visit this link for a ton of great ideas. Watch for more on this healthy-living plan to come. Join me as we all work to have healthier pets.

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GizmoGeodog said...

Gizmo is in great shape so we won't be entering but i hope this inspires others to get their dogs back in shape

Dawn said...

I guess there is one negative side to Maya & Pierson being so fit... they can't enter this contest! :)

Nancy Akin said...

When we got our 3rd Lab, Hoppy, he was overweight and a real couch potato. We put him on the same NB formula our other two were on (LID Sweet Potato/Fish), but cut down on his serving size. We also added a few green beans for filler and bulk. We put him on an exercise regiment...walks with a weighted backpack, rollerblading hikes, and running and playing with our other two Labs.

The weight dropped off of him! I've got before and after pics that I could post if I could figure out how!

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