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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sniffing Around All Things Dog Blog

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Maybe you've noticed the changes to All Things Dog Blog? We have a clean new look to make it a tad easier to get around. As the GPS makers will tell you, your ability to navigate is never underestimated. That said, I'm sure it will be a bit like a grocery store reorganization for you guys--you'll have to start over figuring out where things are. But you'll soon like it as much as I do; I promise!

The new design is more user-friendly, less cluttered, but sadly less dog-ified! With the loss of Xena, our matron, it has taken me 2 1/2 years to decide I should update the header that included her photo. Ouch! Trust me; it was done with tears in my eyes. You'll still find a profile of each of my dogs (Yes, Xena too!) in the sidebar. My goal was to make the menu bar (that green line of categories under our header) a little easier to pick from and the put the header on weight-watchers. Now when you open the page you'll see more of the content you came here for.

A few helpful tips on locating our most popular pages:

  • Click on "Reviews/Giveaways" to locate your choice or simply click on the "Giveaways List", at the top of the drop down menu, to see the list of all our giveaways on one easy page. Links to each giveaway will allow you to quickly visit those that interest you. As always, you'll also find a list of Current Giveaways in our sidebar.
  • You'll now find our Trainer and Veterinarian articles under the "Pet Solutions" menu item, along with other categories to help you solve your pet's problems.
  • Info for and about your pet is all together under "Your Dog".
  • PR and brand representatives will find what you need under the "Blogging Around" tab, with the "Contact" tab next to it if you'd like to get in touch.
  • Curious who is behind all this dog stuff? It's me, Carrie. You can read about ways to follow the blog at the "About" menu bar--far right--and learn more about me, personally, by clicking the Image at far left just under the menu bar. You'll see me with Tanner on my shoulders. He ain't heavy, he's my doggie!
  • You'll find all of our events located in the "Events" item in the middle. Whatever regular feature you're looking for, this is where you'll find it.
  • Last but not least, I've added a Pinterest icon so you can easily find our Pinterest page where we're enjoying collecting goodies we find all over the Internet, as well as sharing what's new here. 
Give me a holler if you get lost. I'll send Triple K9 to sniff you out. Now go explore the new playground and feel free to mark your territory. Comments are welcome.

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GizmoGeodog said...

The design is looking sleek and well-organized Carrie...coming from someone who's working on a redesign, Props to You! cause I know how much work it is

Dawn said...

Looks great! I'm envious. :) The pages load up quicker for me too.

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