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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mutt Monday Shares Clean Up Tips

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Optimized MuttMonday BadgeGood Monday morning to ya! The weather in our neck of the woods has absolutely been stellar lately, but sometimes that makes for dirty paws when the dogs come inside. And let's not even talk about what happens when Tanner rolls in the garden dirt and mulch. Ack!

Today's theme is 'clean up tips' for pets, interesting and simple ways to keep them from bringing in the outdoors to your carpets, couches and beds. Tips for getting out stains and removing smells from pups who've gone exploring int he woods works too. Please search your archives for any and all posts that fit this category. They don't have to be current. As a matter of fact, that's the goal here--digging up our archives.

I'm looking forward to your linkups and meanwhile I'll offer up a theme for next week so you can ponder old posts that you'd like to seek out:

Tips for Winter Walks

I'm sure you're all shaking your heads. After all, what could I possibly have to offer on this topic, here in 80 degree Florida. We do have an occasional cold spurt. I call them spurts because they rarely last beyond 2 PM. I'm still hoping we'll get one this year and I may have a chance to break out a lonely turtleneck to try on for size. Sigh.

So, that said, next week's all on the bloggers that stop by here; let's hope they can pull this off. I may struggle to find an appropriately themed topic. I'll do my best, but I'm counting on you to come through for me. After all, it is winter. Do me proud!

Great Tote Bag
Perfect for the Dog-Loving Blogger
One quick tip: Product reviews are more than welcome, as this may be a great way to offer a winter walking tip, whether it be a special coat, paw booties, paw pad salve or warming harness, I'm up for anything that works in this theme.

I'll tell ya what; let's sweeten the pot to get some more activity here. I'll throw in a prize--darling dog-themed handbag that was handmade in Thailand. This tote bag in fully-lined, has a zipper closure, an inside pocket and hand-stitched doggie design. What's more, you can fit a full-sized laptop inside when you're headed to a pet conference or just your neighborhood Starbucks. Each one varies slightly from the photo, but the wheat color is what I have available. 

I bought a batch of these while on vacation when I fell completely in love with them. One lucky linkup with a Tip for Winter Walks entered next week, will be drawn from the entries to win this handbag. This prize winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 22. All you have to do to qualify for the drawing is link up a themed article from your archives that can be considered a tip for winter walks. Good luck; hope to see you next week.

The handbag being given away on Monday, Jan. 22 was purchased by me and is being given away as an inducement for Mutt Monday entries on Monday, January 21. This prize is available to any blogger worldwide; void where prohibited, including Quebec, Canada.


Anonymous said...

Love that bag!

Kolchak Puggle said...

It's like you read my mind! I'm working on a post with our winter walking tips (and unlike you, we GET a winter.)

I'm not sure if I have any cleaning tips - yet, but DIY Pet-Safe, Natural cleaning & home care is going to be one of our focuses this year.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Kolchak Puggle: Now you've read my mind. Those are some of my expert topics ;)

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