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Flea & Tick Control Products:
Kudos for Sergeant's Going Green

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Flea Free Oliver
Loves Non-Toxic Flea Control
I would like to begin this post by saying that I have never been the type to buy pet products, aside from the occasional dog toy, in the supermarket. However, I was pleased to learn that Sentry Natural Defense, a sister to the Sergeant's brand typically seen in grocery stores, has released a new GREEN line of pest products for dogs and puppies.  These products are made with all natural ingredients and are proven to kill and repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. 

Two of these products include Sergeant's GREEN Natural Flea Shampoo and SENTRY's Natural Defense Flea and Tick Squeeze-On. These products can be used on any dogs and puppies 12 weeks and older. Both have a natural scent that reflects their ingredients. Both products contain natural oils such as peppermint oil, clove oil, lemon grass oil, and others. From personal experience I can vouch for these ingredients as effective and natural flea and tick killers! 

A few years back my husband and I took all 3 of our dogs camping and came back with a tick infestation! It was a nightmare, but we were on top of it. We treated our house indoors and outdoors with peppermint oil. The problem cleared up extremely quickly and all the dogs were perfectly fine. It's amazing what natural products can do!

SENTRY Natural Flea and Tick Squeeze-On is an excellent alternative to many other flea and tick products on the market today that contain harmful pesticides that can be dangerous to your pet's health. This product is entirely natural and safe to use when instructions are followed. 

One box comes with 6 individual applicators that are applied directly to the skin in various places depending on the size of the dog. The box comes with complete instructions on how often to apply as well as how to apply it safely. One thing to keep in mind is that once this topical product is applied, dogs should not be bathed for at least 24 hours--preferably longer--to allow it to spread and work properly.

Sergeant's Green Shampoo contains most of the same ingredients as the topical treatment and has a pleasant, spicy scent. I have somewhat of an allergy problem with highly potent smells, however, this scent is very refreshing and did not trigger any allergy problems. 

Flea shampoos are great for occasional use to control fleas on your dog, also as a preliminary start to flea control. In other words before use of other flea products a flea shampoo can help to eliminate fleas currently on your dog's body. It will not, however, keep them away for long periods; flea shampoos should not be the only method of flea control used. Frequent use of these types of shampoos can be irritating to your dog's skin and cause further sensitivities. This product should be used in addition to a regular, preventive flea treatment.

It is highly important that before use of either of these products you read and fully understand the instructions. Natural products can still be misused and cause problems for your dog's health. If you are unsure about how to use either product, consult a veterinarian or call the HOT LINE number offered on the product. For further information about these GREEN and natural products, check out Sergeants Facebook, Twitter, or their very own Blog! They even have their own YouTube page that you may find helpful. Isn't 2013 a good time to go Green with your dog?

Both products will go to one lucky winner in order to allow them to try the whole program. I highly recommend that they backup their green flea control with green lawn treatments to avoid bringing in new boarders from outdoors. You can learn more about how we have tackled these matters here and at additional links in this article.

Enter the giveaway below by using the Rafflecopter form. If it's playing hide-n-seek again, just click on the post title to refresh and it will come out of hiding. Entries will be accepted until Friday, January 25 when the winners will be announced by early evening. 

For more information on going green for your dog, visit the lijit search box in the sidebar and pop in your search terms--fleas, ticks, mosquitoes. Have a Happy, pest-free New Year!

Seargent's provided me with these products to review and give away. I was not compensated to offer my opinion on their ingredients and the comments herein are my own.
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steph said...

This is great news! :) You can also check out for other natural vitamins and supplements. Brewers Yeast has been thought to help with fleas in addition to being good for all-around health.

James Smith said...

Great info! Very simple and easy…nobody can explain as interesting as this. I appreciate your time and effort on making things simple and easily understandable. I have bookmarked your site...

All Natural Products

anita maas said...

a few yrs ago my Allie woowoo who was allergic to fleas, and had seizers from the spot stuff, we had to use the clove and citrus spray.. was a big strong but worked... as long as Paco has been with me he hasnt had fleas until we returned to the US.. well first spot treatment I used he couldnt walk straight for 2 weeks.. so we had to go back to the clove.. but this is so nice to see more and more green.. and its cheaper than the clove... :D

dog flea treatment said...

An interesting blog I must say. I know how tough it is for people to get of fleas off their dogs. It is even more difficult for dogs to bear such insects on their coat.

Hiring a dog flea treatment specialist fr your dog every now and then is a good way to keep your beloved pet away from such insects. Using various products for such fleas is also a good idea.

Silent Poet said...

I have never used anything like this but I would love to! Thanks for the giveaway!

-Rachael Henzman

Merry said...

We have multiple children with multiple special needs, and I myself suffer from OCD. Because of this, using products that are free of pesticides is super important to me. I can't stand to use anything poisonous around the kids.
We haven't had the best luck in the area of flea and tick protection. I tried a natural oil combination which helped a little bit, but really didn't do the job. I'm hoping to fins something to fit my needs.
Lisa H
yankssssrule08 at yahoo dot com

evie said...

twitter not working, cant get url.....tweeted today both, but cant get url

Sandra W said...

I'm in total agreement with the comments, the toxicity of flea and tick is like spraying pesticides on your dog. I found a product from Sentry that works so far, the guys at VitaHound introduced it in one of their newsletters. The VitaHound dog supplement is another product I love. Thank you to the authors of the allthingsdogblog this has become my goto sport for natural dog stuff.

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