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Friday, November 2, 2012

Organix On-the-Go Winners

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Ready for the Holidays

I think you guys did it! You let Castor and Pollux know how important it is to you to feed your dog a truly healthy and toxin-free food.  If you missed the Giveaway post, you'll see at this link that there was a massive number of entries. Numbers talk! They're saying "Thank you Castor and Pollux!"

The testimonials were rolling in too. My email was unusually busy, and I was bombarded after taking some time off for my son's wedding and the Barkworld conference. I have posted some of them on my Facebook page and some to the Castor and Pollux page. I'll make sure they all get sent to my contact at Castor and Pollux so that your loyalties are noted. Thank you ALL for taking time to share your thoughts so willingly. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it :)

So, here's how we drew for this giveaway. First I drew the 4 winners who will receive 15 lbs. of Castor and Pollux vouchers along with a travel bowl. This is a collapsible bowl that will tag along wherever you go. Just tuck it in your handbag, backpack or jacket pocket. It can be used for water or food, then washed and reused many times. 

As promised, the Kurgo Wander Pail was saved for one of our testimonial entrants. I numbered them as they arrived and took yet another visit to to select the winner. Now you'll see the thought that went into these letters, as demonstrated in this wonderful example:

"When we adopted Penny in June of 2011, we bought the food that her foster had been feeding her. We got a big bag and took it home, and she didn't really seem to like it. She never really wanted to eat it. I read reviews on another "natural" food (that runs commercials talking about "Big name" pet foods having bad ingredients) and she didn't like that food either. I came upon your blog this time last year, and saw your posts and was elated to have won 4 bags of Castor and Pollux food. I opted to buy the Natural Ultramix Puppy formula. I liked that it has pieces of dried fruits and veggies in it, and that all of the ingredients were natural. Penny went absolutely NUTS for it. She loved the fruit and veggie pieces too! Within a few weeks I noticed that her fur was shinier! She always had a patch of fur on her back that was courser than the rest, and within 2 months that fur blended in with the rest of her coat! She has more energy. When I was training for a half marathon, I was hesitant to take her on longer runs because I worried that she wouldn't be able to run for 8+ miles. Most of the time, she was the one who dragged me through my harder workouts! My local pet shop stopped carrying the Ultramix, so I have since started feeding Penny the adult Organix Grain Free formula and she has adjusted well! To be honest, I tried this because I won it. Now, I wouldn't buy anything else! I've told all of my friends with dogs to try this stuff! Thanks for introducing me to the best dog food ever made!
 Now I suppose you'd like me to get to the winners. Thank you to Anne K. for submitting the winning testimonial above. She will receive vouchers for 15 lbs. of Castor and Pollux food along with the Kurgo Wander Pail.

Our other 4 winners are Victoria, Jessica P, Brian S, and Emily R, as listed in the Rafflecopter entry form. All five of our winners will get an email from me requesting your address. Shipments should go out Monday if you all get back to me quickly. If you would like an All Things Dog Blog bandana, please indicate your dog's weight for sizing. Have a wonderful weekend.

Learn more about Castor and Pollux here:

Castor and Pollux is a treasured advertiser of All Things Dog Blog. They provide these vouchers as a promotion which I offer free of charge for them. Watch for more giveaways, including the one I just started on Twitter at this link


Paco Hope said...

we are gonna try this, for the fact, 1 the one we usually use is only sold in Europe... 2 hes getting mroe and more allergies, and we need a gluten free.. possible other things nee dto be left out of his diet ..

Dorothy A. Tansey said...

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