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Friday, November 2, 2012

Dog Pack Snacks Encourage Training

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Dog Pack Snacks Plus Training Assistance

Three All Things Dog Blog readers have just been drawn from our Dog Pack Snacks giveaway. I'm especially excited because this event is paired with 3 training videos to inspire you all to use your Dog Pack Snacks to bring out the best in your dog.

With all the great flavors in this assortment, winners will be receiving some fun flavors for Fido to test out. Enjoy and be sure to let Deb and Coco know how much you love them by stopping by their Facebook page or dropping them a Tweet.

Although Dog Pack Snacks are larger than your usual training treat, they are easy to break in one hand, and useful for training in short bursts. I like to train in 15 minute sets. This makes training more fun since Fido doesn't get bored or overworked. It stimulates his brain, but doesn't burn him out. One or two Dog Pack Snacks will usually be enough to reward and encourage each successful behavior that you're trying to mold.

Remember a few things:
  • Keep it positive; don't scold when the behavior is not successful. Wait for it.
  • Keep it short; over-training is tough on a dog like a 2 hour calculus class would be on you. Keep that in mind.
  • End on a high note with some good affection time for both of you. Share a final snack, offer a belly rub, take a walk or play ball. Training time should always end with some fun. This will assure that Fido looks forward to the next session.
Today's Dog Pack Snacks winners are L. Paylor, L. Glickman, and M. Weitzel. I look forward to hearing back from each of you when I write from my account. Your prizes should go out on Monday. Have a great weekend and be sure to drop in for our Weekly Wag on Saturday. I've got an important question for you all; I need your input. See you soon!


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