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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Patches Hops into Wordless Wednesday

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Patches Considers
 the Nature's Logic Challenge
#BarktoSchool has been announced and the All Things Dog Blog clan is weighing their options. Even Patches is sniffing out this new Nature's Logic choice. We'll be watching for her decision while the dogs are busily trying out the new Walk in Sync harnesses and checking out this packaging. I find it fascinating that they recognize new bags of food. Does your dog get curious or withdraw when his food looks or smells different?


Sew Doggy Style said...

Well, Sebastian is the pickiest eater ever!! He wont eat anything unless it's mixed in with wet food. Luckily we have a big shepherd mix that also lives with us who makes sure Sebastian eats his food or else she'll eat it for him. Bahahahahaha.

Happy Wordless Wednesday.
Erika and Sebastian

Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...

Looks like Patches is thinking of hopping into something else a food bag :) Happy Wordless Wednesday.

Noodles said...

Pugsonally, I love dogs. Nice blog.
Love Noodles

evie said...

my middle child will eat anything. the baby is rather picky sometimes. she was not a good eater for the first year of her life. she will be 2 soon. sometimes she will eat and others not. she does like raw food. my oldest is picky about her treats. she will not eat cow ears, sometimes lambs ears, but she is rather picky at times as well. but tressa will eat anything, anytime...they all like watermelon, cantaloupe, sometimes strawberries, love blueberries, baby carrots, most green veggies, squash, apples...they get alot of people food that is good to seeds though...

Colby said...

I have Labs so no matter what kind of food I bring home they start drooling. Stetson starts running around the house doing circles around me when I come home with a new bag of dog food.

Dawn said...

My dogs are always eager to check out a bag of food. Maya especially likes nosing through the grocery bags, although she never takes anything from them.

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