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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ask the Dog Trainer:
Moving and Movements

by Michael Baugh, CPDT-KSA, CDBC
Reward Immediately for Best Performance

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.  There are two things you need to remember about potty training:  Number One. And Number Two.

Ok, that was bad.  My apologies.

The answer to your problem is actually quite simple.  Potty train your dog again.  Re-training is almost always faster than the first go-around.  Follow these simple rules for potty training.  Make sure your dog is always supervised or safely confined.  Yes, that probably means using the crate again at night for a few months.  Also, escort your dog outside so you can praise and treat him as soon as he poops and pees in the correct spot. 

Dogs don’t have the same rules for relieving themselves as we have for them.  They just want relief.  So, when they move to a new place they’re just thinking, “hey, where’s the toilet.”  Inside the new house is pretty much an equal choice as outside.  Your job now is to teach him that outside is really a better choice.  That’s where the praise and treats come in (remember, praise as soon as he’s done and deliver the treats right there in the yard).  Of course, while he’s learning that better choice you are also protecting him from making mistakes inside.  What a cool person you are!

My guess is that this is not really caused by any trauma from the move, especially if your dog is acting like his typical self otherwise.  He’s probably just got his wires crossed about the routines in the new house.  Try not to worry too much.

So, there’s the poop on potty training.  Hope this cleans up any confusion you had.  Oh my.  Somebody stop me.

Used with permission from
Robyn Arouty Photography
Michael with Stewie and Stella
Houston Dog Trainer Michael Baugh CPDT-KSA CDBC specializes in dog aggression and fearful behavior.  He lives with two mixed breed dogs who both always potty outside (any reports to the contrary are greatly exaggerated).  Click here to subscribe to his monthly e-newsletter.

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Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...

I have to give Chester and Gretel a brush up every now and then. I follow them outside and give them praise when they go.

Unknown said...

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Dawn said...

Very helpful information. I never thought about it that way before. I picked up on the jokes too, although they were a bit stinky. ;)

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