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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fido's Freebie Friday:
More Gr8 Goodies for Your Pets

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Time again to open another week of Fido's Freebie Friday. I love this event! It's like having a brand new pet product shopping mall right here at All Things Dog Blog, with new goodies each and every week. And remember, we're open 24/7 for your shopping pleasure :)

For Bloggers:

Pet Product Review Tip # 19: 
When shipping your own products, there are many options. Every product brings a different set of challenges in terms of shipping--size, weight, shape, content (liquids, breakables, etc). Flat rate boxes with USPS are sometimes the way to go with heavier items, but these boxes do not come in larger sizes. Compare prices at both USPS and UPS when concerns arise about cost and insurance. Some insurance is included in your UPS cost, while insurance or delivery confirmation are separate costs with USPS. Each product feature adds another layer of complexity to the decision that means you'll need to determine shipping methods and who will do the shipping before the review and giveaway are scheduled.

I'll be wrapping up this series of tips on product reviews soon. If you're interested, I could compile them on one page for your reference. Let me know if you'd like to have them available as a part of the help page.

This past week's most popular giveaway categories were 1) Gift cards, 2) toys, and 3) grooming supplies and pet lover items. For bloggers looking to add more traffic to their sites, there are two steps you can take to get more click-throughs: link up early after Fido's Freebie Friday reopens each Thursday afternoon at 4 PM ET, AND be sure to add the linky code to your own blog, making it easy for your readers to check out your other giveaways, when you have multiples. You'll find help on adding the linky code at our Help Page.

Our Ridiculously Easy Rules: 
Pet blogs from around the Internet may link up all their active giveaways on this post each week. We welcome all your pet product giveaway events here. The rules are simple:

  • PLEASE add an end date to your listing. You have up to 45 characters to describe your prize and include an expiration date.
  • Fido's Freebie Friday Blog Hop is open to posts with prizes for pet products or services, including pet-related or pet-themed items for owners. Link up using your specific post url to make it easier to find.
  • Please include our badge or a link to this post in your giveaway write up, and ask your readers to tell us who sent them. 
You'll find assistance at our HELP PAGE, where there is a ton of other useful information for bloggers doing giveaways and reviews. Your hosts are All Things Dog BlogDoggies and Stuff, and Dogtipper.  Welcome and enjoy your shopping expedition!

Individual rules of entry and guidelines for winning may apply to each listing. All Things Dog Blog, Doggies and Stuff and Dogtipper take no responsibility for the legality of the rules governing the listings on other sites and giveaways that are posted here. We simply provide this forum as a gathering place for pet product giveaways to be offered. Please consult All Things Dog Blog's Giveaway and Contest Rules for more detail. Fulfillment of each giveaway is done by the blog conducting the giveaway, not by the hosts of this giveaway hop; please contact the giveaway host with any questions regarding a giveaway or giveaway prize.


Liz (Woof Woof Mama) said...

Looks like lots of great giveaways this week! Thanks for the Linky!

Jack pet supplies said...

What a great site you have. I will surely visit again.

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

Yay - Some more fab giveaways this week!! :)

Have a fun weekend,
Your pal Snoopy :)

Gary Owens said...

Wow more great give a ways this is a fantastic website.

Scottish Terriers said...

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