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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blogpaws Reporting and More...

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Tillman is a Charmer
Pardon my slower than slow report on the Blogpaws pet bloggers conference that I attended recently in Salt Lake City. Some of you were interested in what it was all about. Beside the networking opportunities, we had great speakers, educational sessions on all sorts of fun blogging and social media-related topics, with multiple choices during each session. It was tough to choose when there were multiple speakers that I wanted to hear. Too bad I couldn't bring a clone or send Tanner to a different session with a Eyenimal to record it. Would't that be cool?!!

There were also lots of pet brands displaying their products and a few demos as well. I'll include some photos of some of the pets I met, along with a video of Tillman skateboarding. This stout fella was amazingly agile on the board and quite a charmer in the photo opp as well.

Norman the Scooter Dog Blew Me Away
Who Knows his Breed?

A few of the speakers were motivational by choice, like Lena West, whom I love to chat with. She's always the same. No BS; she says it like it is and sometimes I need that shot of reality. She really gave me a kick in the butt to get my priorities straight and focus on where I'm trying to go with this site. Good for her!

Wishcuit's Representative
Ready for the Red Carpet

Every blog has a mission. Mine is to share pet solutions with dog owners who may or may not have other pets in their homes. But there are so many other variations on the pet themes of different blogs that speakers often found their sessions were filled with bloggers that all had a different direction to go in. I'm quite sure they found this challenging. I would have.

Part of the fun of networking was getting to learn more about the variations in pet blogging and the different goals that are out there. Some sites work only to create awareness or raise funds for a particular cause such as rescue. Theirs is a tough road and I applaud them for sticking to it.

Katherine and Duff

One of the conundrums of pet blogging is the divergent views of whether it is acceptable to run a blog with the goal of making some sort of an income. As one speaker discussed the challenges and methods of moving in that direction, some bloggers left the room or complained. It was interesting to see how unaccepting some could be of those that chose to work toward making their blog not only educational, useful, and entertaining, but also profitable. As my father always said, 

"It takes all kinds to make a world. 
You must learn to accept and respect everyone's views".

So Glad to Be Home!

I hope you have enjoyed some of the Blogpaws photos I shared. Now I'd like to hear from you. What makes a blog earn your time to visit and read on a regular basis? Feel free to leave your honest answers. I really want to know what you think. Is there anything you would like to see me do differently in providing the assistance in pet solutions that I seek to offer? The comment link is open: 

Snoopy's Dog Blog


Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...

Carrie, being fairly new to the blog world, and not seeing anything wrong with being compensated for hard work, I am curious why some people are so against making money from your blog. I guess I just don't understand and haven't talked personally with folks that feel that way. Do you know what the issue is?

Anonymous said...

Loved the skateboarding dog!

Kat E. @kitti_katya said...

Thanks for sharing the Blogpaws pics Carrie! What a charmer Tillman is! I really like what you're doing on your blog now. What makes me read certain blogs is the people behind them. Their personality, writing style, views on training and thoughts about dogs in general, and when I find ones I like, I come back :) So please don't change your blog to please others ~ I read your blog because of you!

Eric K. said...

I think earning an income from a pet blog is perfectly fine. As long as the focus is serving the dog community. And from reading your blog, it's evident that is your primary focus. I enjoy reading your posts and viewing the videos. BTW - love the skateboarding dog!

Aimee @ 4TheLoveofAnimals said...

Your blog looks great, and I think that we all loved Lena's straight talk. :)

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Jessica: I think it is simply about focus. One blogger I listened to was concerned that Lena placed too much emphasis on making money, when in actuality, I believe she was referring to meeting whatever goals you are shooting for. Charity and rescue awareness work too.

I've spoken with Lena at length and she doesn't seem to deny others their right to prefer to donate their time if that is their goal. I guess a few simply took offence. I believe we all need to respect one another's approach. If our blogs were all the same the blogosphere would be a pretty dull place :(

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

Hi Carrie,

It was so great to meet you at Blogpaws finally :)

I loved everything about the event, I was super tired afterwards - I slept all the way home, 13 hour drive :)

I come to your blog cos I never know what to expect and it always is interesting - I love that no matter how many pet blogs there are out there no two are ever the same :)

Have a fun day,

Your pal Snoopy :)

Unknown said...

Carrie - it was great to see you at BlogPaws! I really think the point of BlogPaws (the organization) is to help pet bloggers get compensated for the work they do. But that doesn't mean that bloggers can't also help the pet community.

Coming from a nonprofit background, I tend to focus on helping animal-related causes, and I've really wrestled with the idea of monetizing my blog. But it's not an either/or decision.

Bassetmomma said...

Thanks for sharing such great pics form Blogpaws. It looks like a wonderful time. Personally I don't see anything wrong if someone wants to make money from their blog. Nor do I see why it would affect anyone else. You have a great informational blog and share lots of different ideas and products and if you can make money off it, I say good for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Carrie, it was so fun to finally meet you there. And ya the money issue will always be there I suppose. Personally I would like to see my blog make enough money to pay for all the hours I spend on it. That's not a bad goal I don't think.

Alfie | Alfie' Blog said...

Rooo how nice to hear some news from Blogpaws - I wish I could have been there too, but its just a little to far away from London! *waggy tail*

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Alfie: That would be quite a long journey across the pond for you. Maybe next year when it's in DC?

Larrielle said...

What makes a blog earn my time and actually participation depends on their content, "voice through their words" (or chose of words), and passion for what they are writing about. You can sense when someone is blogging from the heart or just for fun, blogging to inform or blogging for themselves. There's a difference and for you Carrie you blog from the heart and to inform. Please continue to do what you do because it's beneficial to others. Thanks for sharing the pics from Blogpaws as well.

jen said...

Nice pictures from BlogPaws. I wish I could of been there to learn and meet everyone.
You are so right when you say there is many variations in pet blogging. I think we all have our own ways that work for us and I think you are doing a wonderful job with your site and goal here!

Colby said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures from BlogPaws and your thoughts from BlogPaws. When it comes to blogs I like seeing lots of different things from an informative post to a product review to a great doggy picture.

I've noticed one of the most important things for me is a great title. I subscribe to hundreds of blogs and often times only scan the titles and end up reading maybe 10-20 posts a day. If the title catches my eye I usually read the entire post.

Happy Monday!

Kylee@pet beds said...

Sounds educational and fun :) I appreciate finding blogs/communities that love and care as much as I do about dogs.

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