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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vet's Best for a Toxin-Free Flea Season

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Vet's Best Arsenal for Pest Prevention
If you've read this blog for any time, you're probably aware that I'm radical when it comes to toxins. We eat organic, use organic pest control and home cleaning products and finally, we don't use top spot flea treatments. I just don't trust putting pesticides on my dogs. 

I'm not on a pedestal saying that you shouldn't do this, but I had to make this choice for my own family. When both my older Retriever, Xena, and I were diagnosed with cancer within a few months of one another, I began to research. As it turns out, both of our cancers were of types that often are toxin-based. We immediately took the plunge.

I cleaned out cabinets of non-organic foods, tossed cleaners, hired a new lawn care company and the race was on to clean up our home environment. Tanner and Oliver have done well on natural flea and tick control, despite our twice weekly trips to the dog park.

Our lawn is now treated with Diatomaceous Earth and Peppermint Oil to fight fleas and ticks, as well as many other troublesome insects. Barrier treatments include Cloves and Peppermint. Who knew? Apparently Vet's Best knew. They now have a complete line of pest treatments for various purposes: bathing, coat spray for prevention, kennel spray and more. You can check out the whole assortment at the link.

More importantly, read the ingredients. There are no scary elements that you can't read; the active ingredients are Peppermint Oil and Clove Extract. Used properly in a solution that delivers the product to your pets' coats, these ingredients have tremendous efficacy.

I'd like to share another quick experience we had to punctuate our success with peppermint oil, but the story is too long to tell here. If this topic fascinates you as it does me, be sure to read No More Ticks for Tanner!

Flea and Tick Spray Done Natural
You're probably wondering, as I did, "What do these products smell like?". The answer is definitely not Raid. It's more like a ham cooking on Thanksgiving. The scent of clove is obvious when you open the box, and the peppermint softens that clove scent ever so gently. 

Application is not a scary process of wearing rubber gloves and a face mask. It's more like aromatherapy! After you apply to your pup's coat, rub it into his fur and reapply according to their directions. My one piece of advice is to start light. You'll soon arrive at an amount of spray that works for both your comfort level and your pups. I hope you'll join me in the chant: "No more pests for pups!"

Want to learn more? Check them out here:
Vet's Best on Facebook
Vet's Best on Twitter
Where to buy Vet's Best products

Watch for a giveaway of Vet's Best products to come soon. These products are being provided by the company as a promotional courtesy. I have not been compensated to write this product review or to give away their products. No purchase will be required to enter. Good luck to you all.


gina@natural dog said...

Thanks for the tip on the natural flee control product. We try to stay away from toxins and I was looking for something like this product.

Anonymous said...

Can you use vets best along with frontline/advantage? I know that soap based products wash away the preventative medications. I've noticed that vets best is sudsy when applied.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

I use natural preparations like Vet's Best as a supplemental preventative when visiting the dog park or heading to hiking areas. I've never read anything that indicated this was a problem.

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