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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twitter Party Tips for Novices

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Oliver Needs to Upgrade his Equipment!

Little by little you guys are getting the hang of this Twitter Party thing. I'm pretty impressed with what quick studies you are. Some of these tips below are for the newbies, but a few may be useful to those of you who have participated in the past. Enjoy, and feel free to leave questions in the comments section. I'll try to address them as best a I can.

The objective is to help everyone have more fun at #EBTweets and future Twitter Parties. (HINT: We have more coming this summer, so be sure to subscribe to our updates so you won't miss a single one) Here are some tips to get the novices going:

  1. Sign up for a Twitter account at
  2. Return to our RSVP post to sign up for the party. You must be on this list to win prizes at the party :)
  3. Get acquainted with your new page by setting it up, creating a profile, and testing out some Tweets. Remember, they must be 140 characters or less to be viewable by everyone. You'll find all the answers you could possibly need at Twitter Basics, including how to locate your favorite Anipals.
  4. Read all about how to keep up with the fast-moving Tweets here, as well as tips on who to watch and how to win.
  5. DMs and RTs are explained at this post. Using the RT feature throughout the party will assist everyone in keeping up with the fast-paced flow of information.
  6. Knowing and following through on these important basics will assure an enjoyable first experience:
  • RSVP AND follow your hosts and sponsors to win. You'll find their handles in the RSVP post and the Rafflecopter Prize Post also.
  • Don't forget to include the #EBTweets hashtag in each and every Tweet. This allows us to be sure to see your Tweets.
  • Refresh often to keep up with the flow of Tweets.
  • Check in early with a "Hello, I'm here for #EBTweets". This helps us know who actually shows up! Remember, you can't win prizes drawn during the party unless you attend. I should clarify though, that you can win the RSVP drawing (more on this soon), the Rafflecopter drawing, and the PreTweet drawing, even if you're not in attendance. Thanks for participating in these  too!
There's still more to come--prize previews, RSVP drawing information, and much more--so stay tuned closely. If you have not subscribed to the blog, this may be a good time to assure you won't miss a post with important information. The signup is in the doghouse at the top of the blog. It's free and we don't share your email information with anyone. No worries! See you soon.


Larrielle said...

Helpful tidbits. Like you mentioned, some I knew and some I didn't. Seeing all these post about Sunday has me anxious!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Larrielle: Don't will be lots of fun! It is very fast-paced, so just remember your best friend is your refresh button!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Jet here. Hi Miss Carrie.

Miss Carrie, you have to have a chat with Mom... she won't let me or JJ have a twitter account yet. She said we're not old enough!

Colby said...

Thanks for the helpful tips on twitter parties. I've yet to participate, but hopefully I will get a chance to join in some day soon.

Happy Wednesday!

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