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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fresh Pet Food:
Gamma 2 Beats Out their Message

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Event Barkers is truly on a roll. Twitter Parties are becoming all the rage, and setting these puppies up is no easy task. Following through is even tougher. Paris and I take quite a beating getting ready for each of these parties, but they are soooooo much fun to participate in. It's all worth it!

Today we want to introduce you to our next Twitter Party event: @Gamma2Fresh. Gamma 2 is a pet food container maker. You probably already know them as they are available in so many national and international retail outlets. Yet they still feel there is a need to educate the public about the need for keeping pet food properly stored in an airtight container, both for freshness and to keep pests out. Event Barkers is on the job!

Those of you who read my blog may remember the review and giveaway I did recently for Gamma 2 Vittles Vaults. They make an airtight patented lid that keeps freshness in and pests out. With the cost of pet food going higher and higher, this is an important feature when selecting your pet food container. Leaving it in the bag is just not an option at the cost of pet food these days.

Stored only in the bag your pet food has a much greater chance of (a) being raided by Fido or Fluffy, (b) going stale or (c) getting infested with bugs. We know you don't want any of these things to happen so we're bringing you a quick Twitter Party to share some freshness trivia, tips and info on making sure you're serving your best friend pet food that is fresh, safe and unable to be stolen when you're not looking.

Join us Sunday, June 10 at 9:00 PM ET on Twitter for #Gamma2Fresh:
  • Prizes: Pet food containers for your summer trips, some including bowls for serving, and 1 Grand Prize winner will get the large container of their choice (you pick the size you need for your furry family)
  • Information: We'll share with you everything you need to know about keeping your food fresh, buying it fresh, and making sure it's pest free as well.
  • Entertainment: Join us as Gamma 2 G-Men beat out their message: "Pet food gets stale". You'll enjoy their show and we'll all enjoy these "Blue Man Group" type of performers. Share the link to their performance and you could win a prize too!
Let's get that winning potential started right away. Share the link to the Gamma 2 G-Men video via Twitter, using the #Gamma2Fresh hashtag, and you'll automatically be entered to win the PreTweet Prize. Try this one on for size:

Join me at #Gamma2Fresh 4 prizes and fun. Enjoy our entertaining 
video by the @Gamma2inc G-Men: 

Now, enjoy the video (you can subscribe to the YouTube channel here: Gamma2′s YouTube channel or save the link and watch it later here) before you fill in the RSVP for the party below. An example follows the video. 

Remember, in order to win prizes at the party, you must RSVP below and follow the sponsors and hosts: @EventBarkers @Gamma2inc @Dogtipper @AllThingsDog @Cattipper @5MinutesforFido.

Below the numbered list at the bottom is a blue link that says "Click here to enter". Click this and follow these instructions, using the image below as a guide. In the field that says "Link Title or Blog Title" just enter your Twitter handle.  Notice I entered @AllThingsDog. In the second field that says "Link" you'll enter the link to your Twitter account. It will look like this: "". 

You can leave your email address and name in the next two fields, if you wish. This will help us reach you if your Twitter handle is listed wrong and you win a prize. Now click "Enter your link" and that's it. You have completed your RSVP. See you on June 10th at 9:00 PM ET.


Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

The Pinterest link is working now...sorry for my goof! I hope you guys are enjoying this video.

Katie said...

I would love to win a container to put Beethoven food in, I have a container for the girls food and just do not have room in it for his(he's a big dog so has a big bag of food)

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