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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pet Food Storage Issues?
Not with Vittles Vault!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
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Oliver Enjoys Fresh, Pest-Free Food
from the Vittles Vault™
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Screw On Lids
for Air Tight Freshness
The luck of the Irish is with us this week as we are now the proud owners of a Vittles Vault air tight pet food container. You may be thinking 'Big wow!'  But look how cool this container is. Gamma2 has set the standard in pet food containers for many years. While they do have three levels of containers for all purpose pet food storage--Select, Choice and Prime--their new Prime Vittles Vault with Covers caught my eye.

No worries. It has the same screw on lid that keeps critters out and is completely pet proof for your Houdini who knows how to open a snap lid. Even Tanner can't get this baby open, and he's the master at opening things.

We opted for the woven black version to fit in with any decor. If your pet food needs a bigger fashion statement, you may want to go with the pink furry model, just for fun. Isn't is cool?

The plastic container is made from food grade BPA-free plastic. Why is this important? Among other factors, Bisphenol-A is an endocrine disruptor, which can mimic the body's own hormones and may lead to negative health effects, according to Wikipedia

This cover is sized to fit the 8 lb. containers. If you need something larger, they have 27 sizes and various shapes available in their three levels of storage listed above. You'll find their products widely available at pet supply stores, and even on Amazon. Gamma2 can even help you store your horse's feed and has options for travel.
Unlike some containers, the covered Vittles Vault has an easy-carry handle that drops out of the way for storage and stacking. My 5.25 lb. bag of Organix fit into the container with plenty of room to spare, assuring that their advertised 8 lb. capacity is accurate.

While reading up on the FAQs at, I picked up some interesting trivia about plastics that I had not considered: 

"Plastic trashcans are made specifically for trash, not food. Trashcans are typically made from reprocessed plastic, and will be a dark color to hide dirt and foreign matter within the plastic. Additionally, trashcans are not food safe. The Vittles Vault provides a food safe plastic container that is airtight, unlike a trashcan."

Tomorrow I'll be releasing a generous giveaway of these 2 adorable styles of containment for your pet chow. Meanwhile, you can get started on your entries. Stop over at their Facebook page to "Like" them. They're new to Facebook, so feel free to say hello and tell them which container you like the best at the All Things Dog Blog review.
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Easy Carry

After you've done that, you can follow them on Twitter and let them know I sent you. I hope to give their social media program a gentle boost during the giveaway entry period. I know you guys will do your part! Watch for a giveaway starting tomorrow. 

Can't wait for the giveaway? Stop by PetSmart or Petco to check out their stock of Gamma2 products, or shop online at Amazon, where you can select the size and shape that works best for your home. Happy tails!

Full disclosure:  I was provided with a Vittles Vault to review and share my opinion with you. I have not been paid for this review, nor for providing their promotional giveaway that begins tomorrow. There is no purchase required to enter. Purchases via Amazon links on this page may pay a small percentage of commission to this site to support All Things Dog Blog's work.


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