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Sunday, May 27, 2012

#EBTweets Wraps Up a Fun
Reunion of Twitter Party Alumni

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Pet-Themed Shopping Bag
with all the Great Loot

Wowzer! Did we have fun tonight at #EBTweets! It was enjoyable seeing how many folks showed up that were present at our earlier Twitter Parties--#SafeHowlOween, #BarkFriday, #SuperDogPics, and #RedCarpetCat. We met former winners and created a bunch of new ones too--13 happy kitty and dog winners got fab prizes valued at over $1000  during our 90-minute party.

I especially loved the part where party guests shared their favorite parts of our previous events. Kudos to all of you who were willing to speak up and tell us what you enjoyed. Guest experts, artists, prizes and trivia all topped your lists. Your input will help Paris and I prepare for future events even more thoroughly.

This evening's winners took home Castor and Pollux pet food, Zukes treats, Barkonomics by Dogtipper, bandanas from AllThingsDogBlog.comFIDO Friendly subscriptions, Doggyloot dollars, Toki Poki trading cards and other goodies, Petfinder T-Shirts, a PetHub tag and membership, Dog Pack Snacks, dog training videos, assorted cat and dog toys, pet grooming supplies by John Paul Pet, natural pet pest control products from VetsBest, pet-themed tote bags and handbags from Event Barkers, and more. I'm exhausted just trying to make sure I don't leave anyone out!

What was my favorite part of the party? Announcing all the upcoming parties! Everyone has a lot to look forward to now: #Gamma2Fresh in June, #BarktoSchool in August, #SpookyPets before Halloween, #BarkFriday and #HolidayPets before December kicks in, and #SuperDogPics will be back to prime the pump for #SuperDogSunday again. Are you ready? Hope so because there will be more!

Let's announce the winners from the #EBTweets party, and wrap this up. It has been a very long day:

  1. @Cstironkat won a prize to be donated to our local rescue (A New Beginning) in her name. Thanks!
  2. @KatieMitchell1  will be enjoying a bag of great new toys for her dogs, compliments of the PreTweet drawing.
  3.  @Lovetogive123 won a bag of Grooming products from @JohnPaulPet
  4. @Cdmtx65 won a grab bag of natural pest products for pets from @VetsBest.
  5. @LLMG1960 won a grab bag of goodies to include all sorts of great stuff for a dog or cat. We're waiting to hear a choice!
  6. @ILuvMyChihuahuas  will get a great bag of goodies including Castor and Pollux dog food, treats, training videos and more.
  7. @FourPawSavings will decide if she wants a dog or cat prize soon. Either way, she'll get a great prize.
  8. @LuluandWally earned an adorable pet-themed bag full of Barkonomics, a bandana, a ball, food, Zukes treats and more.
  9. @Pet360 will need to choose between a kitty or a dog prize, and will get a wonderful selection of great prizes.
  10. @5KittyMom will be enjoying a bag of terrific kitty toys and other goodies. Purr!
  11. @WoofWoofMama won the Rescue Grand Prize and donated it to another Florida rescue: Have a Heart in Boca Raton, FL. Her prize will be shipped direct to them with a note from her.
  12. @Kurtsmomma won the kitty Grand Prize to include The Tiniest Tiger bag, a diffuser for anxiety reduction from Petco, and Castor and Pollux food. Her neighbor's dog, Jaeger will be enjoying the bandana in style. Our previous sponsors have also included special goodies like a Toki Poki grab bag, Doggyloot dollars, a FIDO Friendly subscription and more goodies.
  13. @Myfolly won the dog Grand Prize. In addition to the Castor and Pollux food, Zukes treats, training videos, Myfolly will get Dog Pack Snacks, FIDO Friendly, Doggyloot dollars, a Toki Poki grab bag and PetHub tag with subscription.
Thirteen prizes will be going out Wednesday, or as soon as addresses are received. Thanks for everyone's support and enjoyment of #EBTweets. Well over a $1000 in great pet stuff was given away and we supported two rescues with prizes as well. We hope you all had as much fun as we did. Happy tails!

Thanks to for partnering up with us to create Event Barkers. We're having a blast helping pet brands get the word out about their products.


Lisa F. said...

Congrats to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all you winners... Thanks to all involved in such a crazy giveaway party!
It was a learning experience for me, a first time Twitter party attendee.

cstironkat said...

So excited to be able to donate to rescue. We recently adopted Artie from a rescue group and we love the work that they do. Thank you for hosting a great party.

Kingslandkennels said...

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