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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dog Pack Snacks Winners!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
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Tanners Enjoys his Dog Pack Snacks
These combo prizes really are fun to pair up with winners, but it is time consuming to be sure. With each drawing, I must look for an appropriate prize that is still available, AND check for a comment from the owner. Your comments are useful in telling me what I need to know for appropriate prize selection in tricky ones like this. The drawings get a little complicated, but all in all, I enjoy doing them. Today's 4 winners each get Dog Pack Snacks with another prize--a twofer! Here we go:

Senior Prize:
© courtesy
Old Souls Bones

An Old Souls Bone by Planet Dog will be awarded with some Dog Pack Snacks, for great chewing fun. Thanks to both companies for supporting this giveaway. The winner is Lennyg and Shayna.
Yap Wrap is Adjustable
 with Velcro for Comfort

Small Dog Harness:

This Yap Wrap is nice and cool for Summer walks, lined with  mesh and made of cotton. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and have a nice "quick grab" handle, plus a leash loop for walking. This prize, along with some Dog Pack Snacks, goes to Anna G.

Small Dog T-Shirt

I hope I've drawn an appropriate winner for this adorable T-shirt that  insists "I'm a Good Dog". Thanks to Petco for this Martha Steward T-Shirt for our giveaway. The winner is Melissa B.

Flying Disc Fun

This winning dog will be ready for some dog park fun, complete with after-playtime snacks by Dog Pack Snacks. The winner of the flying disc and Dog Pack Snacks is Michelle S.

Watch for an email to come sometime over the holiday weekend from Be sure to check your spam if it is not received, or simply write to me with your full name and address. 

Happy Memorial Day, and we hope to see you all at the #EBTweets Twitter Party on Sunday night: 8:30-10 PM ET. We'll be giving away over a $1000 in great prizes, so join us for the fast and furious fun. Be sure to RSVP and check in early, ready to man your refresh button. Happy tails!

PS--A little tip to help you all in your opportunity to win: When you leave your requested comment on the blog, it is extremely helpful if the name or pseudonym matches up with your name on the Rafflecopter. If not, I cannot tell it is the same person. 

The products in this giveaway were all provided for promotional consideration by their makers: Yap, Dog Pack Snacks, Planet Dog, and the Martha Stewart Tshirt is from Petco. I have not been compensated to provide this giveaway. There is no purchase required to win.


lennyg said...

Thank you Carrie and Congrats to the other winners!

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