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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Event Barkers Quarterly Prize Winner

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Event Barkers
Quarterly Winners' Drawing
The first of our Event Barkers quarterly winner drawings has been done. We had a nice collection of photos to number and draw from, including parties like #SafeHowlOween, #BarkFriday, #SuperDogPics, Super Dog Sunday™, and #RedCarpetCat. The winner, as you may have guessed from the prize package, came from the latter party. I missed the fun in that event, but still get to help announce the winner today. :) Dogtipper will be announcing our winner, as well.

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Hanna Enjoys her Tickle Pickle
The winning kitty, Hanna, and her mom, will get all the of prizes shown above, to include a copy of Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat Hair, by Kaori Tsutaya, a breakaway cat collar with bell from in spring jellybean fabric, an Animal Planet hermit crab toy, two Kong Braidz cat toys, a Petlinks Mousey Cut-ups toy, and ProPet Between Bath Wipes. That's a darn good haul for the effort of sending in a photo. Thanks to Hanna and her family for participating in our #RedCarpetCat Twitter Party. We hope to see you all at our next event, to be announced soon.

Before I go, just a quick request: Leave a comment telling us which parties you have participated in. Apparently I'm in survey mode these days, but it would be fun to know which parties are the most successful in your eyes. Feel free to let me know which you enjoyed most and why. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I have been at the following Event Barkers Parties...#SafeHowlOween, #BarkFriday, #SuperDogPics, Super Dog Sunday™, and #RedCarpetCat.

I had so much fun at all the parties. I am new to Twittering but I try to keep up with the fun at the Twitter Parties.

Sharon Gilbert -

Rubiegem said...

I can't tweet so I am missing all the fun these days!

MthrFinPricess said...

Thank you! Hannah will be so happy with more new toys!

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