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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pet Trivia Contest Winners

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

The envelope please. We'll dispense with the speeches, the gowns, the jokes and reminiscences. Let's get to the meat of this game--the winners!

Little did I know what my readers could belt out when I started this trivia contest. Who knew? There are a number of you who blew me away with mountains of details about pets in the movies. What fun!

© C Boyko
Walk the Red Carpet on Sunday
Let me review the prizes first. Our judges' first pick will get a Replendish by Petmate, perfect for large dogs or large pet families.

There will be 3 second place awards. Each will win a package of Terra Paws Sweet Potato Treats.

Three 3rd place winners winners will each receive a poop bag holder that clips to their leash or belt loop. 

Tanner Took Good Care
Before I open any envelopes, I just want to give a hearty thank you to the eveready bunnies of the pet trivia world: cdmtx and cstironkat. These two contestants were certainly in it to win!

Now let's get down to business, starting with the 3rd Place winners Amy O, Tiny the Puggle and Island Snoopy. Along with the rest of the winners, you'll receive either an email or a DM via Twitter notifying you of the email to send your address to:
© C Boyko
Oliver Hoped to Dig In :(

Moving on to 2nd Place I have to mention special thanks from the judges to Danielle for digging up a great little gem about Baretta's Cockatoo. The bit on the Harry Potter cats was also great fun, provided by cdmtx. The winners in this category are Danielle, cdmtx, and nzrd.  Feel free to send your addresses on in. These Terra Paws are getting a lot of interest from my two fidos.
© C Boyko
The Water Hole
Gets a New Home

First Place goes to cstironkat for an entertaining piece of trivia about the exact number of spots on Pongo and Perdita in the original 101 Dalmatians movie. Can you guess? If not, you'll have to visit the comments section at this link to read up on some of the fun trivia. It's definitely worth a visit--entertaining reading!

If you're really into movie trivia and the Oscars, you may want to check out Dogtipper's Twitter Party on Wednesday, Feb 22. She's giving away a bundle of great cat swag, so if you're a kitty lover, this is definitely the place to be. Sadly, I won't be there, but you can go and have fun!


cstironkat said...

Thank you Carrie, I enjoyed reading all the posts too. It was a challenge to find new trivia to post each day.
Congratulations to the rest of the winners.

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