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Friday, January 20, 2012

Terriers from Florida Take
#SuperDogPics PreTweet Prize

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Our Winner Gets One of these Plush Footballs
for their Happy Hound

I got first shot at the PreTweet drawing and you guys will not be disappointed. Keep in mind that Dogtipper still has one of these to do, so if you're not yet signed up on the RSVP list, you may want to get on over there pretty quick. Yep; you have to be signed up to attend in order to win a prize. 

Before I announce the winner, I've got to roll out the prize package. Ready for some fun? First, our sports loving Fido will get a plush football toy from the basket above. After he's finished playing "Go long" with you he'll be hungry, so we're tossing in some Terra Paws treats--3 bags!

© Paris Permenter
You can use some of these treats as rewards while you take his photo and he sits nicely for you with his photo prop football, to be included. Please note that the photo prop football is not a suitable dog toy. While it may be safe enough for your Yorkie to push around on the floor, you don't want to leave it accessible to a Fido large enough to pick it up. It is not a dog toy; it is merely a photo prop. Take some great shots and be sure to send your best one to to enter into the Super Dog Sunday™ photo contest on game day, February 5th.
© courtesy

Now that your Bowser snacked and had his photo shoot done, perhaps you'd like to check out the options for his new tag from PetHub, and decide how to spend the $10 Giftcard to go with it. You can upgrade your tag or upgrade your protection plan. It's your choice!

Finally, all that online shopping is exhausting, right? Maybe Fido needs some help with his patience and tolerance of the process? Now could be the time to test out his new bottle of holistic "In Training", a remedy for impatience and intolerance, made by Arenus

All these prizes go to one lucky winner--@FloridaTerriers. This winner will be notified by Tweet and will need to reply by email to with name, address and phone number for shipping. You'll receive other details at that time. Congratulations to our PreTweet winner. We look forward to hearing from you!

Full disclosure:  The products included in this prize were provided as a promotional courtesy for the charity event, Super Dog Sunday™, and the #SuperDogPics Twitter Party. All Things Dog Blog and Dogtipper have not been paid to give away these prizes. All proceeds of Super Dog Sunday and its supporting events go to the Petfinder Foundation to help support their work in finding forever families for homeless pets.You can support their work by donating at this link.


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