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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Citizen Canine Helps You
Sport Your Fido Stuff in Style

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Meet Your Super Dog Sunday™ Sponsors:
 Today is Tom Bihn

© Carrie Boyko
Ready for a Walk?
Grab Your Citizen Canine
I'll have to admit that when I first heard from my new contact at Tom Bihn I had no idea who they were. It's lucky I didn't delete their email, thinking it was spam. Am I ever glad that didn't happen!

We've looked at a couple of different dog owner carryalls in the past, but none so high-end and supreme quality as this line. This company makes all of their products in Seattle out of the toughest ballistic nylon for superior wear. And mama let me tell you does this bag scream well-made. It makes me proud to say it's American made.

© Carrie Boyko
Hands Free Fun!
Fully lined, this tote for your pup's goodies doubles as a pouch for your stuff too. This company is expecting you'll be dragging along poop bags, your iPhone, treats, a ball, keys, a training clicker, and don't forget your money and the all-important credit card. We never leave for the dog park without our insurance card as well; it's just good to know I have all the bases covered.

You may be wondering where all this stuff goes? Honey, this baby has secret compartments everywhere you look. Zippers reveal pockets front, back and bottom, while the interior is designed to house treats and closes with a lockable drawstring closure. The false bottom opens for insertion of a package of poop bags (it comes loaded with 1 roll), and there is a dispensing hole so you won't have to fumble with zippers when the moment arrives. 

© Carrie Boyko
A Nice Addition
to My Office Door
Finally, the carrying strap is adjustable to a wide range of lengths, so you can maintain your comfort, style, and security. One cool addition that I was surprised to find is a set of two sliding position clips for attaching a leash. Tom Bihn also sells leashes made out of recycled climbing ropes, and these clips are perfect for holding these handy leashes.

Exploring the Citizen Canine I began to wonder if it was attachable to a belt, especially for guys who may prefer a different hands-free option. When I checked their website I soon learned that the proper strapping for wearing this carrier at your waist is available for a minimal charge when you order from their website.

Just when I thought there was nothing left to discover, there's a super nifty poop bag roller made of metal to keep your poop bag roll moving along smoothly. What a clever idea!

OMD! Have I mentioned that the Citizen Canine comes in a bunch of colors? Let me count....oh yes; there are 7 color combinations, with one color on the outside and one on the inside. It looks like they pulled in some high-priced designers to help create this bag.

And there's still more cool features. I use treat pouches a good deal, as we are always training and doing photo shoots for which I require rewards in a handy position. My cheapie treat pouch is always challenging to get my hands into. The Citizen Canine makers apparently knew this problem exists and fixed it. The opening of the treat pouch interior is lined with a stiff tubing to maintain the open position for easy access. I LOVE this! The drawstring closure inside keeps poochie out of mischief if you happen to leave the bag in reach, while the opening is always easy-access. For trainers, this is definitely the bag to beat!

© courtesy Tom Bihn
Owners Tom and Darcy are proud supporters of rescue and pup parents of Riley. As Tom says, "Riley rescues me every day." You can get to know them all a bit better by connecting up at their Facebook page or on Twitter.

Allow me to give a hearty thank you to Tom and Darcy for their support of Petfinder Foundation and Super Dog Sunday™. Dogtipper and All Things Dog Blog are proud to have them along, and more than a little pleased at their generous donation to the Petfinder Foundation. Would you like to help too? Click the banner below and jump right in. Every little bit helps!

See you all at Super Dog Sunday!
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