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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Organix Adds Grain-Free to their Menu:
A Review and Giveaway Debuts

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Oliver Guards the Coupons
 for our Grain-Free Trial

As I continue to read various opinions on dog food ingredients, my thoughts have not changed much since my Spring, 2011 Organix series of review posts. Leaving behind the toxic fertilizers, synthetic preservatives, growth hormones, and other ingredients that are included, yet not labeled, on traditional pet food, I'll stick with Organic food for our feeding philosophy. Just one newer idea has grabbed my attention and warrants a try--Grain free food.

Depending on which author you're reading, grains can have a variety of different affects on Fido. It makes complete sense to me that dogs did not evolve by eating grain until after they took up with man as our sidekicks. There does not appear to be much evidence that their bodies have come to need this food source added to their diet. I hope you'll join me as I explore the Grain Free Organix brand and share our experience with you.

I think the one fact that has given rise to my decision to give Grain Free a chance is Tanner's coat. Because he swims almost every day, I have a regimen of coat care tasks to keep it healthy and shiny. Despite my efforts, it still shows signs of his daily splash in the chlorinated pool. 

I wish I had the option of changing to a different type of water sanitizer, but that aside, food and food supplements, combined with coat conditioning treatments may be my only choices. So we have begun the journey. Watch for more posts as we continue to see the changes in Tanner and Oliver's energy, output, coat health and more.

Perhaps you'd like to join me in this experiment? Today's post is supplemented with a 12 bag giveaway of Organix food so you can give Grain-free a try along with me. Just like me, you'll need to follow the directions for transition found at this link. If you choose to join me, I do ask that you subscribe to follow my series on this change, and return to share your own experiences as well. If you win in the giveaway below, and participate in the Grain-free trial, I'll make sure another free coupon comes your way to keep you on the straight and narrow path with Organix.

The Rafflecopter entry form should appear just below my name. If you do not see it there, simply click on the title above and it will return below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Full disclosure: Castor and Pollux provided me with these coupons as a promotional courtesy. There is no purchase required to participate in the giveaway. It is, however, only available to U.S. addresses and is void where prohibited. Please consult our Giveaway and Contest Rules for further clarification. Model's wardrobe courtesy Petco.


Katie said...

Roxy and Molly would like to try the Grain Free Organix because they love Organix and I would love to see if it gave them more energy because a lot of times Roxy just lays in bed(especially in the winter) Also the cats have tried grain free food off and on when I could afford it and seemed to enjoy it and I am sure Roxy and Molly would too

Gloria Walshver said...

I'd like to see if it would be good for my dog and he'd like it.

Nancy said...

Looks like a great product.

Misty said...

Hmm, my comment didn't post. I'm excited to give it a whirl.

Rick said...

It seems like everyone is going grain free. I hope it's not too dramatically different.

shilohsmom said...

Shiloh has been eating grain-free for a couple of years, with the exception of our current trial of regular Organix. Grain-free has been great for his allergies, and since I'm experimenting with Organix right now, I'm thrilled to hear there is a grain-free formula!

Shelley P said...

I've heard grain-free is healthier and more natural than regular dog food diets. I also have two dogs that have digestion issues and I'd love to see if they do better on a grain-free diet.

CRichman said...

Thanks for another great giveaway!

Lori Miller said...

Benny has allergies and issues with grain products. I'd like to try this to see if it helps his conditions improve.

Amy Orvin said...

I'd like to see if my dogs would like it.

Michelle Spayde said...

While grain free has caught your eye, organic has caught mine, so I'd like to try what I think would be the best of both worlds!

Cynthia Downer said...

I'd like to see if Organix's grain free formula makes a difference in Jack's allergies. I know we have tried other grain free brands that made no difference, but maybe this one will :)

burns dog food said...

Hope this new diet ingredients may help to make dog healthier . I would like to have this food items in my netpetstore .

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Trish B. said...

My dogs would love to try a grain free diet as some of them have food allergies and I think grain free would help. Thank you!

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