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Monday, August 8, 2011

All Things Dog Blog's Weekly Preview

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Tanner on Retriever Duty
This morning when nature called earlier than usual--at dusk, Tanner skipped his planned activity in favor of a Raccoon retrieving task. The poor little coon was treed in no time and Tanner did not want to leave his post at the bottom of the tree. He crooned eagerly at the coon, but was unable to figure out how to climb that Maple.

I tried to explain to him that he's not a Coonhound, but he was having none of that nonsense. This was HIS Raccoon, and he intended to collect it. I know from experience that if he got within snatching distance he'd stop and suddenly become unsure of what to do. Nevertheless, it was fun sport.

I guess his DNA was really talking to him. I finally leashed him and took him elsewhere to take care of business--reluctantly--after which we went inside.  You can guess what he did after that, right? He found every window looking toward that tree, and watched it for two hours, hoping to catch a glimpse of the coon. He's definitely a determined hunter.

Enough anecdotes for the day...let's get on to the business at hand. What's coming this week?

  • Dr. Mark will be looking at housetrained adult dogs who suddenly begin marking inside after years of acceptable indoor behavior.
  • Our Wordless Wednesday post catches Oliver in a sleepy spokesmodel shot, while on set at the Solvit Travel Organizer photo shoot.
  • This week's giveaways opening on Thursday will include a fashionable, collapsible, unisex designed, small dog carrier from Curvations by Petmate, a batch of "Active Dog" First Aid Kits for outdoorsy pups, and some free bags of Organix dog food. And of course the Surprise Grab Bags continue with no entry required; I'll be drawing from the names in my antiquated box of names on slips of paper (we're so past that now!).
  • Winners' announcements on Friday afternoon highlight my week. It's the perfect way to end a Friday afternoon, giving away travel organizers, a rolling Snoozer carrier that converts to a backpack,  and a fun collection of 4 dog stories for early readers. You have till 5 PM Thursday to enter any of these drawings. I'll list the entry posts below for your convenience.
  • For Saturday's Pet Blogger Hop we will be sharing all the preparation for our upcoming trips to 2 pet blogger conferences. Wardrobe decisions, playmate lists (no I did not say "Playmate of the Month!"). We have new travel implements to pack up and uniforms to color coordinate. So much to do; come share in the fun.
  • © courtesy Snoozer Pet Products
    Oliver Loves his Snoozer
  • Next weekend's Adoptable Pets post will feature some furry friends in Michigan who are looking for homes. I hope you'll check in and smile when you see their sweet faces.
Hope to see you here throughout the week. Please leave a comment if you're especially excited (or bored) by any of the items on this preview. 

Following are the links to our currently active giveaways. Be sure to enter by Thursday afternoon at 5 PM:


Wyatt said...

You don't want to mess with the raccoons! Just ask my sister, Stanzie. No more Stanzie after dark...BOL, only on a leash!

bichonpawz said...

Hi Carrie and Tanner!! Sounds like your day started out fun!! We look forward to reading all about you guys this week! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Kathy said...

Tanner must have some coonhound way back in his ancestory. :) Either than or maybe you can him some ducks to play with. LOL

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