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Friday, May 27, 2011

Dog Food D-Day: The Big Reveal

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
The Big Reveal

We're Organix Fans!

I've really been stringing you guys along, haven't I? Sorry, but it was important to me to spell it all out--the reasons for our decision, the important information I wanted to share, and now we're down to the line.

© Carrie Boyko
Whatever it Takes
I guess by now you've figured out that Tanner and Oliver are Organix Fans. Organix is the organic brand produced by Castor and Pollux Pet, our choice for the healthiest quality, taste, and consistent availability. I've been holding out these photos for today's big reveal. And to tell you the truth, it's been killing me! 

Lucky me, though, I did get to meet with Todd Martin, the VP of Castor and Pollux Pet, at Global Pet Expo. We had a delightful get acquainted talk and I totally loved his healthy approach to feeding our furry friends.

To help you all do your own research, we're going to provide you with some links to useful information at their site:
And here's more big news. Along with this product review series, I'll be giving away some Organix Dog Food. The line forms at the giveaway announcement to follow this post today, where you'll find all the info you need to enter the drawing.

Did you miss the first three parts of this review series? Enjoy them now:
Full disclosure: All Things Dog Blog has not been compensated to provide this review of Castor and Pollux and Organix.  We have not been paid to provide our opinion of these products, and the opinion provided is our own.

Just when you thought I was done I've got another fun activity. Blog Hopping is a total blast for bloggers and readers alike. You simply click and bounce to whichever link sounds like fun to you. Bloggers can link up here or at any of the other linked posts on the list. Join in and be sure to thank our hosts: Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume. Happy hopping!


Cherie K. Miller said...

Thank you for letting us see these great pictures! And for telling us about Organix!

Stopping by on today's blog hop - go see my video today called "The Bad Dog Blues." Love to have your comments!

sam said...

Hi! Sam here from the blog hop!
Great pictures! And Great food! we read your post last week and when we were on vacation (just 2 days) That was the food Daddy bought! (Mommy usually makes our dinners). We LOVED it!

Michelle Spayde said...

Are you a photographer on the side as well? Your pics are always amazing, and one of the many highlights of your posts!

I can't dispute the fact that organic is best, but I'm far less enthusiastic about some of the other ingredients in Organix, so this food is not for me.

I do, however, thank you very much for the informative and entertaining posts. I'm very open minded when it comes to pet food, and try to learn as much as I can from anyone that is willing to share.

Pet food is also a VERY important topic to me as I have 5 adopted/rescued FIV+ cats. One, Rojo, has been "end stage" FIV for nearly 5 years now. Statistics/lab work show that he should have died over 4 years ago. So yes, I have some very strong opinions about nutrition/food.

Sarah (the dog), started out with bad nutrition, so equally important as the cats.

I'm very interested to read what everyone has to say, rather than type a novel of what *I* feel pet food should be.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Michelle--I would interested to know what you feed Sarah. Does she eat a raw or home-cooked diet? It does sound like you're doing something right for the kitties--bravo!

I'd also love your input on the ingredients that are of concern in Organix. Feel free to send me an email with your novel....or just a paragraph (wink). Happy tails!

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