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Monday, March 14, 2011

RESCUING ROVER: Meet Lucy, Scruffy and Bud

as told by Patty Milliron
© courtesy P.M.
An Adorable Pack of Rescues!

Lucy, at far left, is a foster we kept. She was picked up by the pound in heat, and was heart worm positive.  She was a mess. She is a loving, devoted girl.  She's around 4 now.  

Scruffy, in the middle is 6.  He is a very smart boy and Ioves to snuggle with his mommy and fish on the kayak with his daddy.  

Bud is 8.  He was another rescue.  He was dumped in our Petsmart parking lot one cold, rainy November night.  He was raw and bloody from the chest up. He had apparently been kept on a choker chain in the back yard.  

Bud is a perfect example of a cute puppy bought at a puppy store (his owners were kind enough to drop off his papers with him) without much forethought. The little puppy got big, wasn't trained, and his owners had a baby.  

Bud is a sweet, gentle, passive dog . . . until he gets nervous.  Through the 7 years we've had him, he has chewed himself out of two metal crates, fortunately with no injuries to him.  Now for our house, that's been another story. Ha!  

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Kristine said...

They are all so adorable. How the myth has spread that rescue dogs are ugly and full of problems, I will never understand. Thanks for sharing their stories. I am so glad they found their way to you.

Niki Maas said...

rescues are the best!!!! they bring you love ten fold!!! I tell people you can get a ugly ducking, or a purebred at the shelter.. but they all love you just the same!!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Funny, Tanner has such a knobby occipital lobe that his breeder was giving him up. I just gave him a donation toward his food and medical care costs. I couldn't be more pleased with that arrangement as he has turned out to be exactly what I wanted--a goofy, lovable Golden.

Peggy Frezon said...

Those are three adorable pups! Great family. I thought the one on the left would be "Scruffy". lol

Posh Pooch Designs said...

Three cute dogs1 My Maximo is a rescue Chihuahau...We love him so much...I cannot figure out why his first owners didn't want him.

Jon said...

Rescues are some of the most loving dogs I've ever owned, makes me very glad to see this. Scruffy looks so happy!

Dog Health Insurance said...

Wow, all three are so cute and i can say rescues are most loving dogs.

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