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Friday, March 25, 2011

Pup Prizes Galore...and More Coming!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
(c) Carrie Boyko
Oliver Guards Well for a Little Guy

I'm going to have some real fun today with prize giving, and next week there will be 3 giveaways as a result, so listen up. I just learned that last week's winner of the Cesar Cuisine Little Dog Giftpack owns a BIG dog. Oops. I've offered that winner an alternate gift and will be giving you guys a chance to hop in and try again for the Cesar Cuisine giftpak. Your comments to enter this giveaway need to be "little dog" oriented, for example:

"I love my Jack Russell because he is so smart."
"My Yorkie is a cute cuddler."
"My little Papillon girl is in love with Oliver." ;)
"I want that shirt that says Go Small or Go Home"

Okay, you get the idea on that. Now go for it! Need a reminder of what's in the pak? Here ya go:
Tshirt, Treats, Serving Dish,
and 4 Cans of Gourmet Chow

Today's giveaway, the Merrick's Miss Porky Chews, are being guarded by Tanner and Oliver with great diligence. I caught Tanner drooling and had to remind him they are PRIZES, a.k.a. yummies for another's tummy. :(  It's okay, Tanner. You'll get an Easter Bunny cookie for your trouble. Good boy!

Watch for the recipe for the Easter Bunny cookies coming up in April. You can make them yourself, and your pup will think you're the bunny of his dreams! Better add carrots to the grocery list now.

(c) Carrie Boyko
Tanner Can't Face the Camera
Allergies Put Him in the Donut Hole
The Merrick's Miss Porky Chews go to Roxy and Maura. Your prizes will be shipped late next week if I have your addresses in time. Send them to

Be sure to scroll down to see today's other post, Dogs that Amaze Us: Skidboot. I dare you to not love this dog. Finally, be sure to join us for the Saturday Pet Blogger's Hop when we talk about preventing arthritis and hip displaysia. More prizes too. See you tomorrow.

And as always, don't forget to visit 5 Minutes for Fido, where Tanner and Oliver spout off their opinions and generally offer up silliness.

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Rubiegem said...

Congrats Roxy and Maura! I adore Merrick treats for my girl! (and of course so does she!!)

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