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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dog Lover Prize Pages: Helping You Keep up With Our Giveaways

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Finally I can say this journey is embarked upon. It's been on the To Do List for far too long. I have created a Current Giveaways Page as well as a Winners' Listing Page, so now you can easily check to see who won what and, more importantly, whether you won something you were hoping to.

I'll still post about my drawings; no changes there. I just want to make sure there is static page to provide the same info, and now there is. Just look for the cute dog you see at the top of this post to find the links you need. Below it you will find a list of current giveaways or contests. These will be linked to their introductory post, so you can be sure to read up on entry requirements, as I occasionally change things up a bit. In the same sidebar location, you'll also find a link to the page that reports the winners. Easy, right?!

Now, let's report this weeks' recipients of the All Things Dog Blog Bumper Stickers:

Gail Jackson
Lizzi Glavin
Patti Smith

If you need ideas on where to place your stickers, you can return here for the brain storming thoughts my hubby and I came up with. Good luck!

To receive your bumper sticker, you'll need to send your address to me via email or private message through Twitter or Facebook. Oh, and there's one more surprise. Since I have some additional bumper stickers, I'll be happy to take requests for free ones until the supply runs low. Just get in touch with your address. No worries about spam; I won't use your address for anything other than your prize shipment.

Thanks again to the folks at Build-a-Sign for their help in creating these wonderful stickers. Have you visited their site to create your own signs? If I can create adorable bumper stickers like these below, you can too. What are ya waiting for? Click and go buy one for yourself. They're just $2.99 and they ship free. Buy more and get discounted prices. Design your own ideas....have fun!

Now, I'll give you another glimpse of the All Things Dog Blog bumper sticker, with a super big hint as to what's coming soon to the blog. What do you think? The comments button is open for business.
© Carrie Boyko
Handmade Tote Bags, Slings
 and Small Handbags
(Coming Soon)

Help protect our precious dog parks
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Patti said...

Very cute totes!!! Can you request custom made?

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