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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Custom Dog Stickers Made to Order. Shipped Free.

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Custom Bumper Stickers

Did I get your attention with that headline? It got mine too, when I heard from this great company, Build a Sign. And there's more. There's no minimum order. Yup; you can design and order yourself 1 item if you like. Amazing , huh?

Don't get me wrong, though. They are not just about dogs. You can make any type of sign or banner for any application you have. Me? I'm all about dogs, so I put my nose to the trail and designed some bumper stickers and package labels that are too cute to give away. But I will anyway, just to show YOU how much fun you can have.

It was so quick and easy to design my stickers; I can hardly believe how simple it was to use. Who hasn't gone to a design-your-own-(fill in the blank) site, only to go away frustrated with the process? At Build a Sign I designed the bumper sticker above in just minutes. It was super simple.

You're probably thinking "She didn't design that herself", right?  But I did--really! I'll admit they had similar stickers to get my ideas from. I selected the breed design and substituted him for another breed. I picked all the colors. Here's the point where you hit the comment button and tell me what a good job I did. Wink, wink.

I played around with a couple of other items and also found them to be highly user-friendly. I actually enjoyed the creation process that I had anticipated would be frustrating.  
In all, I created 4 designs, each in minutes. 

Shall I share? Okay. Let's start by giving away a batch of I Love All Things Dog Blog Bumper Stickers. As you can see here, they have my logo and text design down just right. You can do this with your own designs just minutes.
(c) Carrie Boyko
Not a Bad Match, eh?
Here's the deal. I'll send 1 free "I Love All Things Dog Blog" bumper sticker to the first 25 comments made by next Friday, February 25, on this post or about this article at my Facebook page. Leave a comment if you have a place you'd like to display my bumper sticker. 

Hubby has challenged me to offer alternatives to the obvious placement of your bumper sticker--your car's backside. Here's a few we came up with, but feel free to add onto our list: dog house, dog food container, Frisbee, trash cans, wagon, dog toy box, file cabinet, plastic crates and carriers, dog treadmill (that's you Jt!) plastic flower pots, toolboxes, refrigerator, mirrors, photo albums, and business card binders. I guess my Blogpaws Folder will have one of these babies on it. 

When you fall in love with my adorable stickers, you'll all want to go to Build a Sign to create your own designs. You can upload your own art, select fonts, size your images, add icons and symbols from their art gallery, and even choose graphic designs from an extensive archive. Of course, you can also upload your own graphics, logos and designs.

And I missed one very important thing. There are hundreds of already-designed items for you to choose from, already there for the picking. If you find one that's close to what you have in mind, you can change up whatever part of it you like. It's simple and quick.

Once I designed my Golden Retriever sticker above, I couldn't leave Oliver out. I had to make one for a Papillon too. When I discovered a Pomeranian image, but no Papillon, I simply uploaded a scan of one, and within minutes I had an "I Love My Papillon" bumper sticker. It was that easy. 

You'll find this exact design in my sidebar, or you can click the image below and you'll magically arrive on it's site, ready to redesign it or simply place your own order. Of course, you can also order or redesign either of these "I love" stickers by clicking the image. Tanner's design is also displayed at the very bottom of my site underneath Tanner's slideshow.  And remember, shipping is free!

Custom Bumper Stickers

What other products does Build a Sign sell? You name it: banners, magnetic signs, art prints, car wraps, flags; license plates, parking, street and safety signs; political signs, sandwich boards, vinyl decals, lettering and window clings, and much more. Now I just have one problem--what to order next! Hubby is suggesting window clings; what do you think?

Full disclosure: The stickers described in this post have been donated to All Things Dog Blog for an independent review of their service and products. I have not been paid to provide my opinion of these products or the design service on their site, and the opinion provided is my own.

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Wendy and Wes @ said...

Dig it! I love the idea of this going on a doghouse. Or a pet stroller. (NO, I don't have a pet stroller. Yet.)

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

A Pet Stroller! That's a really cool idea. I love it. Thanks!

Kate@CatchupwithKate said...

Yea I dig your site. Found you through the blog hop. New follower!

Patti said...

I LOVE this idea!!!! I want an All Things Dog Blog sticker!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Wow, this is way tooooo pawsome! Thank you, thank you! Let me return the favor, visit me for some all-natural pet care needs over at

Elizabeth said...

OK I'm in love! I think I'd put mine of my car or the fridge! I can't decide.

HoundDogMom said...

This is really cool and we have several designs we could come up with. We would love an All Things Dog Blog Bumper sticker. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Jack Hodges said...

What a great idea for dog lovers everywhere! We can now have our dogs near us almost all the time, stuck to the car, fridge or bedroom door!

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