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Monday, December 6, 2010

FREE Puppy Stories to Ring in the Holidays

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
(c) Carrie Boyko
Story time Mom? Can I Pick?

It's time to come clean and let you guys know that I'm going to take a little time off. It's just a couple of weeks but it seems like an eternity. Not to feel the click of the keys and the thrill of the days' analytics report will certainly seem wierd, but I'll get through it. You know how it is with company and cooking and parties. Yada Yada!  

The coolest thing about these blogging programs is that you can set up a post to publish at any time and date you choose, and you don't have to be there to hit the publish button. I love it! I'll be putting my blog on auto-pilot while I do my holiday thing--rest and renew--maybe even write some New Year's resolutions. 

The only problem is I also won't be sending out my weekly giveaways. That makes me sad, so Tanner and Oliver and I had a meeting today. While we were baking, eating and cleaning up (they're a big help with that) we decided to give away extra prizes for the next 2 weeks to make up for lack of giveaways during our vacation time.

Soooooo; we went shopping: 
  • We got doggie books for preschoolers.
  • We got doggie books for early readers.
  • We got dog stories for middle grade kids.
  • We even got a few gift books for adults who like dog books and dog stories.
We sure did have fun.We had fun getting some books for a special friend too. L.W., you're pretty special. I hope you know that!

Today, I'll start my holiday giveaway with the preschooler books, and I'll work my way up in age. I've got 13 adorable doggie stories for young children who love dogs--ages 6 and under. 
(c) Carrie Boyko
13 Great Read Aloud Books
Just for Dog-Loving Preschoolers

The first 13 of you that leave a comment will be winners. Tell me about your holiday plans with your dog on THIS post or on the Facebook page for THIS post and you'll get a book for that special child in your life. There's one more thing you have to do, though: Send me your address (or theirs) to If you get your address in by December 19, I'll mail it before I turn off my computer for my well-earned down time. If not, you'll receive it in January, so don't forget! Do it now.

Also...please put the words "DOG BOOK PRIZE" in the subject line and be sure to tell me who you are so I can match up your address to your comment. Don't worry. I won't use your address for anything else. My only hope is that you'll remember where you got the book and come back to see us at

Watch for our next book give away of titles just for our young readers. Happy tails!

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