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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poisonous Plants for Dogs: A Visual Aid for Identification

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Be sure to check all your holiday plants and
Keep Poinsettias out of reach!

A while back when I created the 911 for Dogs section in my sidebar, I was agitated that I could not find a good identifier for flowers and plants. Today I finally did, and I feel so much better about this resource now. After all, what good is it to know if Rhododendron is poisonous to your dog, if you don't know what Rhododendron looks like?

Thanks to 1st in Flowers, an online flower delivery site, I found this helpful plant identifier. You may want to check it out right now to see if any of the plants or flowers in your home or yard are of concern. They did a nice job of categorizing them by the degree of severity. All you have to do to see the photo of the flower or plant is hover your cursor over the name of it. The picture will appear without a click. It's pretty slick.

I've added this link to the 911 for Dogs section in the lower sidebar, so it will always be here when you need it. You won't have to find this post, just scroll down till you see the picture of Tanner in his red e-collar; it's the same picture you see above. That's a pretty good icon for a sick dog, huh?

Good luck with your plants. I had to move a couple of potted plants a while back when I discovered they might be offending. It's hard to know if your dog will be attracted to a certain plant, but better safe that sorry. Good luck!

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