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Friday, September 10, 2010

Social Networking Goes to the Dogs!

by Carrie Boyko

(c) Carrie Boyko
Oliver Socializes with New Friends
Nowadays we pet owners are a little obsessive about our furry friends. We buy our Chihuahuas cute dresses, have special treadmills for our high-energy dogs, and even help them socialize online.

Enter My DogSpace, a place where your pet can have her own profile, find a breeding partner, locate a nearby dog park, and all sorts of other fun things to enhance her social lifestyle.

Dogbook is an application within Facebook that offers owners all sorts of options, including Arf Alerts--not quite sure what they are, but each one has a map included....must be a lost dog lookout?

Even us owners can enjoy this new socializing at Date My Pet, where owners and pets can seek out enjoyable dates or simply fun new friends.

Dogster is a fun site where owners can get acquainted, share their dog's pictures and do all sorts of other socializing.

Pet Brags gives pet owners a place to create their pet's own site and have fun with it--sort of like My Space for dogs.

Petizens offers owners an assortment of stickers to add to their photos and plenty of action in the forums for owners to talk pets and all their many topics.

Zoogletube is primarily a video sharing site for pet owners. You can show off your dog's Halloween party or watch another dog's birthday bash, among other interesting activities.

Pet Pop helps dog owners locate dogs parks or other neutral places to get together with their owners for some fun times.

Yee Pet offers all sorts of opportunities to share information, read up on pet care, and participate in forums. Your pet can even have his own profile page and set up play dates. 

Pet Crash gives you a place to build pet polls, join groups of like-minded pet lovers and network all over the pet world.

Pet Side is on your pet's side in helping you keep Fido or Fluffy healthy and happy. One of their best features is the ability to look up information on your pet's breed to seek out information on breed-specific issues and health problems.

Animal Attraction, based on Facebook, allows you to find other pet lovers, send them messages, and share photos.

Pet Files  is associated with Petfinder, and is unique in the networking realm, providing pages to offer your pet for sale or adoption.

My Pet Friends' site not only gives you a place to join pet loving groups, network and share photos, but you can blog there too.

You can also blog about your pet over at PetBoogaloo, where members can join groups, play games and get involved in causes. If you don't have a pet, PetBoogaloo will help you try one out with a virtual pet; now that's a creative idea!

Yapstar offers a few unique features that make it attractive for those of you who want to network with flair. You can send ecards, join contests, locate local pet businesses, upload videos, start a gift wish list, or just chat in the forum.

And there are still more! Check out Pets' Area, Love My Pets, Pet Smooch, Puppy Sites and People n Pets. Be sure to let me know what your favorite site is and why. I'm exhausted just from looking them all up. Gotta go have a puppy nap now; networking will have to wait. Bow wow!

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david miller said...

Can I be so bold as to mention which is a dating site for dog lovers.

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