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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let’s Get Cooking for our Hungry Hounds

by Carrie Boyko
Snacks, Please?
This summer my cooking interests have turned a bit toward the dogs. As far as they are concerned, that’s a very good thing. With upper 90s every afternoon, I’ve started a daily frozen snack to occupy, as well as cool them. Check in Monday for recipes to chill your hot dog. He’ll be sure to love you when you prepare these frozen treats.

Speaking of treats, I’m busy putting together a cookbook of dog chow, treats, snacks and even beverages (?) for healthy hounds. Would you like to contribute a recipe? There will be prizes and credit for all recipes included in the book, and it will be available to you FREE, right here on the site. I’d love to share your creative cooking ideas.

Not into cooking? That’s okay; you can still participate and win prizes. I’m going to reward some lucky reader for coming up with the best name for our canine cookbook. Let the brain storming begin!

And there’s more. All you photographers out there can earn kudos and a prize for offering up the best cover photo for this cooking extravaganza. Got Photoshop? Fine! Have a willing pup who will pose in a chef’s hat? That works too. I’ll take any and all entries, and we’ll even show them off in a post, after the cookbook comes together. Warm up your Nikons and Canons.

Meanwhile, get those recipes in! My dogs have offered their services as testers. It’s a tough job, but somedoggie has to do it! Here's the address: Don't forget to include your name (if you want it included), your pup's name, and his picture. Recipe photos are welcome, as well. Have fun!

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Anita said...

got a kid who loves to share food with the dogs? or dogs who wont takd pills easy.. My kids where raised around dogs, so I made peanutbutter playdough for them.. so they could play and share.. Then in the rescue I found that the problem rescues loved it, made it easier to take pills..
Its peanut butter, honey, and just enough dry milk to make it into dough.. also use this in oatmeal for those doggys who are having a hard time keeping food down... Just FYI...

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

I remember making this stuff for my kids too, but hadn't thought about giving it to the dogs. Great idea for giving medications. I'll add your recipe to my cookbook, and give you the credit.

If you have more dog recipes, keep 'em coming. This is a good start.

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