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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#SuperDogSunday Twitter Party:
Who to Follow and How to Win

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
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Reach for the Treat, Oliver!

If there's one thing my dogs would tell you if they could, it's always important to know who has the treats and how they can score one. Today's Doga practice landed each of them a Z-Filet for effort. Oliver did a nice job dancing and twirling, while Tanner supervised Patches--no easy task during this photo session. 

Watch for more of our #SuperDogSunday antics after the party date. We'll be sure to share some bloopers as Patches photobombed our picture session in an effort to score her own Zuke's Z-filet. What a hoot she is!

Now, back to the important messages for this post:

  • Who to follow: As always, @EventBarkers will be handing out the prizes, so keep an eye out there and be sure to RT the winners. Just as important, please follow @ZukesPets and be sure to give them a high five for sponsoring this shindig. Without them, there would be no prizes. Finally, you'll want to follow our Event Barkers team members who will all have tips and messages of importance to your Super Bowl experience with your pups: @AllThingsDog, @5MinutesforFido, @DogTipper, @ToDogWithLove, @RoccoHavanese. More on our themes of discussion below.
  • How to win: Winners are drawn from participation, so all you have to do to be in contention is chat the hour away. Be sure to bring some favorite photos of your active pups and be ready to share these too. Every few minutes we'll draw another winner from our "Chatty-Cathy's", and announce their handle along with the prize. If your handle is mentioned as a winner, double check that you are following @EventBarkers so you'll get your DM after the party. We'll need important information like your name and address, in order to ship your big box of prizes.
  • Themes: Get your dog in the game - activities for a doggone good day! 

1.     Pre-game training tips — Games and training to condition your pup and keep them in top shape  (until 8:25)
2.     Ideas for game day activities — Activities for both physical and mental stimulation; your reward… a tired, happy pup! (until 8:45)
3.     Tips on how to keep pups happy around a house full of guests — training and tips to keep your dogs safe, relaxed and happy (until 9)

Remember to show up early and say hello to our team, using the #SuperDogSunday hashtag. Our opening will include the naming of the pre-game prize winner drawn from the #SuperDogSunday social media widget. Be sure you've jumped in for this one; you'll find it at the link. Finally, stick around for the naming of the Grand Prize winner, to be announced about 9 PM ET. All of the prize packages are large and tasty, but the Grand Prize will be super duper huge!

Happy #SuperDogSunday, 

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As a member of the Event Barkers team, I'm offering this Twitter Party information as a part of our work with Zuke's to share information about their products. You'll find these details and more on our partners' websites: and These events are open to US households and entrants age 18 and older.Void where prohibited.


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