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Monday, November 10, 2014

#DogaTreats Awarded to Photo Loving Entrants

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

courtesy @dacemule via Twitter
The top activity reported as a favorite in our currently ongoing #BarkworldExpo Swag Bag giveaway happens to be playing fetch with a flying disc, so it was no great surprise to receive this adorable photo from a Twitter follower whose dog enjoys this sport. Throwing, catching and returning a flying disc is most definitely a training feat, and one that is great for working your dog's brain and body.

Today's winners of the #DogaTreats giveaway largely reported enjoying walking with their dogs, although one lucky lady has a twosome that enjoys swimming, just like our boy, Tanner. You'll see their photo below. Wouldn't it be fun to get our threesome together?!!

Each of our submissions was shared either via Twitter or Facebook, showing off your precious pups. As always I enjoyed seeing new faces as well as old friends of All Things Dog Blog. I hope you're warming up your cameras, as football season has begun and that can mean only one thing--#SuperDogSunday is coming!

courtesy @SharonGilbert6 via Twitter
If you're not familiar with this football-themed photo contest, let's give you a quick primer. Each year prior to Super Bowl Sunday I invite my readers to submit football-themed photos of their dogs, cats or other pets, as well as Petfinder adoptable pets. Photos can be submitted using simple photography with backdrops, costuming, themed items, or graphic additions. Judging categories will be provided for all options. 

Once again, I plan to offer this contest to promote Petfinder adoptables, encourage donations to Petfinder Foundation, and to simply have fun creating cute pics with our pups. 

As always there will be prizes--lots of them! Watch for more on this in the coming months as we begin to align ourselves with products and put together fun prize packages for all our furry friends.

Now, back to our #DogaTreats winners. They are @ShellChis, @Marshflitter, @Homesteadwitch, @dacemule, @Kimtrax13, and @SharonGilbert6. Each will be receiving 3 bags of Good Buddy treats from the folks at Castor and Pollux Pet folks, direct to their doors. I've Tweeted these lucky winners and requested shipping information. Check your mentions to assure you get your information to me quickly. 

Meanwhile, I invite you to join me for more Doga fun, enjoying some bonding time with your dogs while getting yourself into shape. You'll find a complete library of video yoga instruction, along with additional modifications to make your yoga practice with Fido a bit more manageable. Find this and much more at the link. See you soon!
Destination Doga: Mabry Mill, VA
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All Things Dog Blog currently shares an advertisement for Castor and Pollux Pet. We choose to work with this company because we have found their products to be of superior quality. 


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