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Monday, July 21, 2014

Dogs are Not Alone in Yoga:
Cats Want In Too!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

I've been having a lot of fun developing a yoga regimine that includes my dogs. I'm now breaking out of the initial beginners workout that I presented here to build in slightly more challenging poses, while also enjoying some occasional searches of the web to see what else is going on in this tiny niche of workout wonder.

Surprisingly, I'm behind the curve. Huffington Post recently collected doga and cat yoga videos from Youtube--something I had yet to investigate--that share the hilarity of both cats and dogs interrupting their pet parents as mom (or dad) practice their asanas (poses). You're sure to get a good laugh out of the video.

You'll find lots of photos on my Pinterest page of pet parents in Doga classes or practicing at home. I've curated what's available by Google Images to save you searching the lot of what's out there. 

If some of these photos inspire you to give our new workout method a try, I invite you to visit our page of video instruction, where you'll find a series of short videos to help you learn how to correctly perform the pose, while adding a bit of Fido fun to your time on the mat. Make sure to bond and encourage your pup to participate, if only by watching from the edge of your mat. 

One last thing. If you do nothing else, please read my suggestions for preparing. Most importantly don't skip the opportunity to chat with your doctor about your ability to practice yoga safely. The same goes for your dog if you choose to involve him in anything beyond bonding silliness; your call. Enjoy!


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