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Monday, May 5, 2014

Win a Yoga Mat for Your Doga Practice

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Off to Doga Class
I'm off to Doga class. Don't worry. Oliver is coming along also. It wouldn't be Doga with him. But also he's like an American Express card. I never leave home without him. Well, almost never.

We've now passed the halfway point in the beginner Doga videos, each lasting only a few minutes. I run a new one each Saturday, and am sure to share the links to all on each post so you can try out the others when you're feeling adventurous.

Speaking of adventure, I took on Google and found a few listings of Doga classes in my area. I've also found several Doga books on Amazon. I guess it's not as off the beaten path as I thought, although still not a household word. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying playing a small part in changing that.

I've splurged on a few prizes to inspire and encourage you. Today I'm starting a new giveaway that will go to one lucky winner: a dog-themed Tote bag (see an example in my photo), a Yoga mat (colors vary), and a yoga journal to keep track of your progress and make notes about new poses. I keep discovering new ones each time I get on Youtube or Instagram.

Funny thing about Instagram is that there are a ton of yogis that use this social media. You'll find loads of inspiration in photos, videos and sentiments--while not necessarily all  safe for beginners--and enjoy the journey of seeing what others have accomplished. My daily visit to Instagram is now a ooooo and ahhhh session, as I'm always amazed at the talents of some of the yogis I have followed. It's fun to see their gymnastics!
Tanner Gets His Affection During Practice Too
Let's get on with this giveaway, yes? Who needs a nice, cushy new yoga mat for their practice? Or possibly an adorable tote bag to lug your stuff around in, journal included. All this goes to one lucky winner. 

Remember that the Rafflecopter sometimes works on its Corpse Pose and you may not find it at the bottom of the post. You can bring it back to life by clicking on the post title. Let the workout begin!

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The prizes in this giveaway were purchased by me for this giveaway. I hope you're enjoying this relaxing way to bond with your dog while improving your health.
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Christine Aiello said...

I just started practicing yoga about 10 weeks ago at m office and was so excited to see that you were starting doga too so that I could practice at home with my Coco now too! I have been following the videos. It's so much fun and you feel great after it too!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Christine Aiello: So glad to hear that you and Coco will be joining us. Hope to see you each week with any ideas or suggestions.

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