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Sunday, March 23, 2014

#EurekaPower Proves Itself
With AirSpeed EXACT Pet

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Easy Assembly...I Got This Mom
Here at All Things Dog Blog HQ we've got a plethora of pets and pet messes. While testing the latest pet vacuum, the Eureka Airspeed EXACT Pet, I'm pretty sure we pulled up bunny fur, cat litter and dog fur from pets that have long since left our family. Talk about power!

But first things first, let's talk about assembly. That's always my headache when purchasing equipment such as this. I was thrilled to find the assembly instruction in visual form, since I do so much better with images. And the second happy surprise came when I timed the task--less than 15 minutes to put it together and turn that puppy on. Woohoo!

The purr of the EXACT Pet Power Paw upholstery tool was more like a Harley roar, sending the message loud and clear that this vacuum means business when fighting the messes that pets leave behind. It annihilated the Tanner fur on his favorite napping spot--our living room couch. After an initial test, cleaning up some crumbs from a dog food bag, I let Oliver inspect to be sure the vacuum picked it all up. Instead of sniffing the floor where the treats fell, he gave the vacuum a serious examination, trying hard to get inside. That was a great sign that we sucked all the crumbs up and they are now contained inside. That Oliver's powerful nose was an excellent tool for this review!

Reading up on this vacuum, I discovered that it has patented Airspeed Technology. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but anything that's patented is definitely new and better. What's not to love about that for a pet owner? My home--no doubt like many of yours--has its share of fur, dirt brought in from outdoor play, cat litter, pet food....shall I go on?

With Spring blooming early here in Flordia, flea season is in full swing. One of the things I vacuum for is fleas and their eggs. I don't want these freeloaders making families in my home, so I've got to double up on my cleaning at this time of year. If you're concerned about fleas and ticks, here's my organic pest control company's best tip: Empty the canister immediately following each use, placing in a sealed container or ziploc bag, removing to your outdoor trash can right away. Don't give any of the critters a chance to sneak out and start reproducing in your carpet.

What else did I discover? One of the problems with my earlier vacuums seems to have been the many twists and turns that interior hoses took the dirt and dust through. Clogs occur in these twisty pathways, causing a loss of suction, but the Eureka Airspeed EXACT Pet avoided much of this in its design, making for a terrific set of pipes. I could see the pathway in my carpet instantly which signaled me that we had great suction.

The tools attached to the vaccum have their own switch so you can direct the suction wherever you're using it--the tools or the floor--maximizing the efficiency of the extraction. What's more, the design is so user friendly that I have not yet had to break open the instruction booklet, and I've nearly vacuumed the whole house now. Impressed?
Let's Get a Giveaway Going!

If you can't wait for that elusive giveaway and want to run right out to buy one today, you'll find one at your local Walmart and online at Be sure to ask for it by name, so you're sure to get the right one: Eureka Airspeed EXACT Pet.

Want to learn more or see what others are saying about this new vacuum? You need only visit Eureka's social media sites to catch the buzz: Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, watch for a giveaway coming soon, and more photos and video of our experiences with this new vacuum. 

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Disclosure: In order to share my experience with the Eureka Airspeed EXACT Pet vacuum, I received one to test in my home. The opinions here and in our giveaway are completely my own.


Unknown said...

Oh my dog! I would love one of those!! We have 3 huskies, and the shedding is nonstop!!! How do we enter the giveaway though? I don't see any instructions on that unless I've missed something BOL!!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Jenna.Mark Drady: Watch for a giveaway coming early this week, and good luck!

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