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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bottle Buddy Flexibility: Ideal Dog Toy

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Open the Package: Let's Play!
My friends at Petlinks, a division of Worldwise, asked us to review the Bottle Buddy toy with Tanner. When I saw the water bottle attachment ports all around the unit, I knew Tanner would love it. Let's see how it went:

I nearly always inflict great suffering on my reviewer by asking him to pose with the product. It's good to have a moment of silence :)

Once Tanner hit the pool, the toy got a real workout with lots of crunching and crackling. I later added 2 more water bottles (any size will do, so feel free to use 2 Liter bottles for your Dane or Mastiff) to increase the fun. Today, after shooting the photos you see here, he is busy dragging it around the house, crunching and muching on the bottles--such fun!

Toss it Already, Mom!
The base unit is heavy and solid enough to deter power chewers, but I would advise changing out the bottles when they get flattened. Better to be safe and avoid broken pieces of plastic lying around, especially if you have kids or other pets.

The Bottle Buddy tosses really well, even for a challenged thrower like myself. And flinging it like a Frisbee disk is fun too. Use your creativity to have some playtime with your dog indoors, outdoors, and at the park where you can hurl it a good long way.

The Bottle Buddy comes packaged with a mini water bottle attached, perfect for a smaller dog. Replacements for this size are also available at most grocers, so this toy will work for all but the tiniest of Toy-sized dogs. But wait; there's more!  Your super-sized Fido has the option of a larger version that can attach to even more bottles. Check out this fun video to see how this works:

Want to learn more about Petlinks and their toys? Check them out on their website and Facebook. You'll find some other videos of their new products on the website, and feel free to get into the conversation on their Facebook page. Be sure to tell them that Tanner sent you!
Fetching the Bottle Buddy
One of the greenest features of this toy that we really love is that it uses what is practically an unlimited resource in today's society--empty plastic beverage bottles. Also, the Bottle Buddy doesn't take up much space in our RV. We can add water bottles when ready to play, but until then, it tucks nicely into the dog drawer where all Tanner and Oliver's things are stored. Space saving items are really a treasure for us, so this toy will get a lot of action when we visit beaches and dog parks as we travel. Better yet, the crunchy noise is great entertainment when Tanner is just hanging around the campground. What a great toy! 

Now that Tanner has offered his opinion, can you guess what's up next? Yup! You're right. A giveaway will be coming soon, just in time for your dog to bust out of the house for Spring play. Stay tuned....

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Petlinks is the company that brought you the Scents of Security toy we reviewed at this link. My boys still love this toy, and we're sure you will too. You'll find a list of retailers at the PetlinksSystem website.

All Things Dog Blog was not paid to review this toy. The toy was provided to us at no charge, but we did agree to offer our honest opinion; we love it!


Dawn said...

How neat! Maya would absolutely love one of those. She loves chomping on plastic bottles. Pierson would like it too, but only because he'd see Maya enjoying it. :)

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