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Friday, November 1, 2013

Patches' Gotcha Day Treat Giveaway

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Snoozing Away a Senior Day
Patches' has definitely decided it's time to enjoy her golden years. Lately she has taken to snoozing on one of Tanner's favorite beds. We call this the Bo Obama bed because we bought it for Bo's visit a while back. That was a very exciting time, but so is our little girl's Gotcha Day. Since we don't know Patches' actual birthday, we estimated and chose November 1 as her day to celebrate her birth. I'd love to hear from you about how you chose your pet's Gotcha Day. Do tell!

Patches is now 16 years old and in good health--definitely cause for celebration. She enjoys an easy lifestyle these days, but still gets out to chase lizards, even though she doesn't stay with it as long as she did in her younger days. 

Being a senior does have its rewards. She has a multitude of beds around the house, and places to escape the activity of Tanner, Oliver and Jacque's more youthful silliness. They do keep this place hopping.
2 Winners Will Each Receive 2 Bags

Patches also enjoys her Natural Balance Perfect Bites kitty treats. Whenever I get the package off the shelf, I get one of those oh-so-cozy rubs against my leg that cat owners know all too well. And when she breaks into a purr I know I've hit a home run. Her favorite appears to be the Salmon, but she clearly likes them all.

Before I leave you to enjoy this giveaway as our celebration continues, I'd like to share some articles on senior cat health from There are a number of good articles in the lower right at this link that offer helpful tips to making sure your kitty lives a long and healthy life.

Entries to win 2 bags of Perfect Bites can be made below in the Rafflecopter. If it's missing in action, you can arouse it for duty by clicking on the post title above; it will reappear, refreshed and ready to go. Entries may be made through November 14, with winner announcements to appear here on Friday, November 15. Best wishes to all our cat loving friends.
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As an NB Insider, I am compensated to attend industry events and receive pet food for my furry family in exchange for sharing news and product information about Natural Balance.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Unknown said...

I got a $2 coupon for dry food or wet food and a $1 coupon for treats.

Amy Orvin said...

I scored a $2 OFF dry cat or dog food and $1 off One bag of L.I.T. Limited Ingredient
Treats dog treats.

Amy Orvin said...

Youtube: 2dogs5catscrew

Cynthia Downer said...

$2 off dry or wet food and $1 off treats. Thanks! We feed our cat natural balance.

Shelley P said...

I got $2 off coupon for dry or wet food and a $1 off coupon for treats.

Cassandra Davis said...

I got $2 for dry or wet food & $1 for treats.

bubblegum casting said...

am I to late?

Cheryl Chervitz said...

I got a $2 off of dry cat or dog food and a $1 off of dog treats.

evie said...

2/dry and 1/dog treats

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