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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Tribute to Dogs That Serve

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Occasionally I have to spout off about my sponsors when pride is bursting. I love that
in addition to their dedication to helping military dogs, Natural Balance and the Petco Foundation have joined forces to help raise needed funds for dogs that serve others--Guide Dogs, Service Dogs and Therapy animals. They have been working together for 5 years and have raised nearly $5 million to support guide dog programs and service dog awareness.

No one could be more proud of this than I am, with a Medical Alert Dog in the household. I learned how expensive it is to train these talented animals, and know the value of their service first hand. And pssst....that's not Tanner up there in the picture :)  My Medical Alert Dog is Oliver, a diminutive 10-pound Papillon. 

From many knowing individuals including my own physician, I have learned that different
Service Dogs Come in All Sizes
breeds often have very different natural abilities. Companion dogs such as what we typically call Toy dogs, are often more tuned in to their particular human's smell. That turned out to be Oliver's talent that began building his ability to alert me to oncoming problems with my Multiple Sclerosis. Getting a heads up before a dizzy spell, especially when I'm alone or driving, is a huge relief of worry and safety issues.

But Service and Therapy dogs can do so much more than alert. They rescue, stabilize, calm, and physically assist their owners, to name just a few of their amazing skills. Those of us who have service dogs are thankful to companies like Natural Balance and Petco for their support of programs that help in this way.

Through October 20, you can help to support these programs also. At 1200+ Petco stores across the country, the Helping Heroes program is giving you three wonderful ways to pitch in without pinching your budget:

  • Purchase a bag of L.I.D. Legume and Duck Formula Dog Food and Natural Balance will
    courtesy Natural Balance
    donate $1 to the Helping Heroes fund. This is a grain free food with fewer ingredients, especially important to those dogs who may be battling allergies.
  • At the Petco checkout, you can also simply round up your purchase to the nearest dollar to make a small donation, or ask to donate $1, $5, $10 or $20. You pick! Click here to locate a store near you.
  • Want to really make a difference? You can head on over to the donation page and use your credit card to supercharge the Helping Heroes program budget. Every little bit helps; thanks for your support!

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Want a little help with that purchase at Petco? Click on the ad at the top of this posts column and you'll receive valuable coupons to help pay you back for some of your donation. Thanks again!

As an NB Insider, I am sometimes privy to information about their activities such as that above. I am compensated for sharing this by receiving food for my 4 pets and sponsored travel to industry events.


Frances Pauli said...

Great blog post! Also, yay for both Petco and Natural Balance. If ever there was a worthy cause, this one's a winner.
Thanks so much!

Jenn said...

That's great that those companies have done so much to help out with those very important causes.

bichonpawz said...

That's just terrific!!! Very good cause!

Dawn said...

Great! We are getting low on dog food so it is time to get more. Maya & Pierson haven't tried the duck formula yet. I bet they will love it.

Michelle Liew said...

They help us much, and should be honored.

To Dog With Love said...

Great post and great cause! Yay for Natural Balance and Petco!
Your pals,
Diane and Rocco

Chris said...

Thankyou for letting us know how we can support these wonderful programs.

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