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Friday, July 5, 2013

Sun Sensitive Eyes? Doggles Has a Solution

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Thanks for Turning Down
the Sunshine, Mom
Okay, I know this does not appear to have any possible way to connect to the Weekly Wag, but stay with me. I'm trying to get there!

Has your dog ever struggled with any of nature's elements while you and he try to enjoy the outdoors together? Tanner, as an obvious result of his blonde color, has sensitive eyes. He has always squinted in the sun, avoided looking up while facing the sun, and generally done better with outdoor photos taken in early morning or early evening when the glare is less intense.

Narly, Dude!
During a tour of Global Pet Expo, I had an opportunity to pick up a sample of Doggles, hoping to get Tanner to accommodate me in asking him to wear them. Who knew this would be so easy?  I expected all manner of "Thank you but I'm busy now", but instead got an easy and almost immediately happy dog. Seriously!
Tanner Lounges in the Shade

We spent a while outside by the pool, and even found that Tanner was not terribly concerned about wearing the Doggles on top of his head when in the shade. This was not his favorite, but clearly wasn't out of the question either.

By the time we finished our afternoon's activities and photos, Tanner had almost forgotten he was wearing the Doggles. I gave him a Natural Balance treat to let him know what a good job he had done. I was beaming with pride that he even considered allowing me to put these foreign objects over his eyes. It didn't seem natural to me. Go figure!

Each time Tanner allows me to take him to an activity that is completely new to him, I realize how close we have become. He trusts me not to hurt him or lead him into discomfort. There is rarely a "Wait, I'm not sure this is okay" look on his face any longer. Is that bonding? You bet!

Tell me about a bonding experience with your Fido. We'd all like to hear. The comment link is open.

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Jen said...

Oh, how great that Tanner just took right to them!

I got a pair of Doggles for Elka for when we're at the beach. I figure, if I have to wear sunglasses (it's BRIGHT! plus, blowing sand) she should have some protection as well. She isn't as sold on them as Tanner, I assure you, but we did really well this last time.

Sage said...

Good for you, Tanner! I don't think I'd be as accommodating :). Fortunately, my eyes are very brown and I don't seem to have any problems.

Dawn said...

Nice! I've considered Doggles before. They have a lot of great sizes and colors. But I doubt most dogs would be as accommodating as Tanner.

Unknown said...

Vlad has a fall over his eyes like a sheepdog, but Barkly is always squinting in the bright sunlight. Thank you for telling us about these! I've got to order a pair for Barkly!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Here's my tip: Loosen the straps more than required for a good fit on the first try. Put them on your dog after he has had a tiring exercise session, and while he is in bright sunlight. He'll be more accommodating due the the improvement in his light sensitivity. Be ready to praise and treat for any effort at all to tolerate the Doggles. Good luck all!

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