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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pet Solutions: Kitty Litter Transitioning

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Patches Eyes Her New Setup
We're back with our final episode in the Swheat Scoop story. Having evaluated this product, it is now time to put it to the test with Patches in the driver's seat.

Transitioning Patches to her new litter was definitely not a problem. She's curious, of course, but not unwilling to boldly go where no Meow has gone before. I brought home a pressed paperboard litterbox--the kind that is totally biodegradable--and placed the Swheat Scoop inside. Putting this new box near her old one, I let her first get used to its presence. As most cats will do, she ignored it!

Over the coming days I removed a cup or two of litter from Patches' old box each day.
courtesy P.Permenter
Success at Last!
Soon it was looking pretty sparse and she was beginning to wonder where tomorrow's deposit would go. 
I sprinkled some catnip around the edge of the new box and she dutifully followed it, rolling and frolicking like a kitten. 

Patches' next meal was served inside the new litterbox, and with a dollup of something yummy-smelling (pick your kitty's favorite) she was immediately inside the box chowing down. Before she knew it, she had bonded with her new box. Food has a way of doing that! The old box mysteriously disappeared, being replaced with the new one. Success!

For another take on switching up your kitty litter, check out CatTipper's suggestions here.

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