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Friday, July 26, 2013

Caring For Your Dog When You're Sick

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
IV Treatments This Weekend Trump
Stitched Up Knee in 2011
The good news is this treatment lasts only a few days. But remaining hooked up to an IV pole is not exactly my idea of a fun weekend. Crimped lines, slow moving drips, inoperative meters and other components, and one accidental flood, certainly did make things exciting around here. Thank goodness for a little help from some friends and family. Thanks Sam, Toni, Alan, Mom and Lauren for getting me through this.

As you can see from the photo above, I've found myself in this position before. The image above was taken following an accident while traveling. I was very lucky to heal up well and have little residual problems arise. But I digress. Back to the topic at hand.

With an extra Woof--Jacque--in the house, my challenges have been even greater this time. I have to admit that not much has moved me to get the boys out for fun. But thankfully others have. Mom picked up Jacque for an afternoon visit, giving him some 'out' time and a little bonding with his first and foremost mommy. I know he's enjoying himself immensely.

Toni and Sam took Tanner for some great swims, following a healing process that has been keeping him out of the pool. He's one happy guy and has been napping peacefully as a result. There's just nothing like a good Fetch game to wear a guy out!

Oliver, my 'connected at the hip' dog, has been doing what he does best--watching out for mom. As the nurse arrived a few days ago to insert the IV, he observed every move and did not leave my side. Ready to alert on any sidestep, Oliver was definitely 'on duty'. That wore the little guy out for sure and he's also been sleeping well throughout this event, cuddled up next to me each night to assure my safety. What a guy!

With an eternal series of Natural Balance dog treats arriving at our door, I was able to do some training when the IV drip was working well. Come When Called, Sit, Stay, and Leave It were all on the practice list, and worked well to tire out my boys for a short snooze.

Thanks to Lauren for rolling with a photo shoot when my camera hands were a bit tied up, and for leaving a yummy weekend meal that has carried us through without hunger. There's just nothing like good friends!

Tanner has now awoken to the sounds and smells of a BBQ being prepared by hubby. There is much for him to supervise with all this going on, so I'm once again able to get back to writing. Even my little personal attendant, Oliver, is torn by the desire to see what smells so good, so he has been running back and forth from the grill to my desk.
This is working well as an exercise method. :)

The IV comes out tonight, so I'll be back to business soon. I'd sure like to hear your thoughts on entertaining and wearing out a houseful of Fidos when you're on the mend. We've worn out laser tag, treat balls, indoor fetch with my good arm, puzzle toys and more already. Have we been bonding? You bet! Comments and ideas?

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Unknown said...

When my back was broken, we did a lot of tugging and indoor fetching. Long series of "sit/down/stand" mash-ups were on our list too. If it hasn't been for generous friends doing lot's of volunteer dog walking, I might never have gotten any rest! The best rest I got though was, of course, with my boys surrounding me.

Olivia R said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and are able to get around easier. Wasn't aware that you were sick/injured..been busy and usually skim thru posts, but saw you sitting there all "gimpy" and wanted to send healing thoughts to you.

Hmmm....the only "positive" it appears to be your left leg, so possibly you have still been able to drive? Woof and licks

bichonpawz said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling better and the ordeal will soon be a thing of the past!

Malia said...

Isn't it amazing how our pets recognize when things are out of kilter with our health. I'm having some health issues and Baylie has become my sofa cuddle buddy. She is much calmer and doesn't push her toys on me in attempt to get me to rise and play. Feel better soon and pats Oliver, Tanner and the rest of the crew.

Shelley P said...

Sending you good wishes for your quick recovery and good health! Glad to hear you have so many great people who are helping out :)

Chanel is my velcro dog :) This past Christmas I was really ill with a nose, throat and chest infection. I had a horrible cough where at times I couldn't catch my breath and was choking. For three weeks I slept (tried to) sitting up and Chanel was on my lap through it all. I didn't get much sleep during that time and I'm sure she didn't either. I was coughing every few minutes and it would shake her around on my lap. She was happy just to be with me : ) My other pups I entertained with chews, a few new toys (I had tucked away), and had them hunt for treats/food I dropped around the house. Luckily, I also had my hubby to help out with the dogs.

Hope your feeling better soon : )Hugs to Oliver and Tanner for being such good boys and a great comfort!

Dawn said...

Ouch! I hope you feel better soon. Having family around, including the furry family, really helps to get through those tough times. XOXO

Unknown said...

We really hope you're feeling better soon! Things haven't been so great around here either since the 17th. I developed pneumonia during USAF son's visit, and I found out quickly, Vlad & Barkly aren't emotionally equipped to be taken care of by anyone else. Despite writing 2 pages of directions in the hospital, I came home to 2 depressed dogs that had lost weight in only 5 days. Two dogs that act perfectly for me only acted out on them. Now both of them start panicking if I get near a door, and it's been a bit over a week now since I've been home.

Some things are going to have to change a bit around here--just in case the unplanned happens again. I'm just not sure where to start since the only other person that they act perfectly for is an 11-yo granddaughter who can't come here to stay alone to take care of dogs.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Vlad Barkly: Definitely sounds like your boys need work on separation anxiety, and now you can see why it's not good for our dogs to spend all their time with us and not enough getting out in the world of people and other dogs. There are some pretty clear strategies for working on this problem. Check in with a behavior specialist in your area. Best wishes to you all!

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, Vlad's experience with other dogs has to remain in class-situations. He's still not allowed off-leash thanks to his possible Osteochondritis Dissecans at 6 mths of age, and he won't be until January. They're taken places to be around people, and see dogs in pet-stores & RV parks, but never off-leash for REAL socialization. Even his CGC training was suspended b/c he couldn't/wouldn't do the long-distance recall at a walk. At the least for now, they need someone else (he knows who he is) helping with continued training & feeding them, so that they realize I'm not the only person with their lives in their hands. But starting in January when his vet releases him, to learn some independence, they're going to be going to "mommy's day out" once a week at a local place w/a trainer that I checked out Tuesday. Understandably, the only place I could find that I'd trust doesn't want the responsibility until the vet says it's okay.

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