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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Zuke's Lovers #WorkLikeaDog for Prizes!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
There's one thing for sure this morning. I'm whipped from all the fun at last night's #WorkLikeaDog Twitter Party. We had such fun watching all the #WorkLikeaDog conversation with @ParisandJohn, getting answers to questions from @ZukesPets, learning a boatload about Zuke's from @DogTipper, and soaking up some training tips from yours truly, @AllThingsDog.

And then there were the fun photos from our guests like @FurkidParent, shown at left. We laughed out loud at some of them that were shared by @5MinutesforFido and @HollywoodDogs. I'm starting to think that Oliver has gotten the hang of this Twitter Party fun!

Many thanks to @WoofWoofMama for acting as our Chief Watchdog and Help Desk. With trouble brewing from an API update at Twitter, she had her hands full and did a terrific job of aiding our guests. Parties like this one don't come without some hiccups, but we were in good hands. By notifying guests that Twitter, Tweetchat and Tweetgrid were all having problems, she herded many of our guests over to Hootsuite or Tweetdeck for an enjoyable and highly active party, despite the
challenges. Please feel free to give her a shout out of thanks! 

Speaking of thank you's, I've got to send one to my awesome Event Barkers partner, @DogTipper. Her fun Q&A about dogs at work was one of the hits of last night's event. We all had a good laugh and enjoyed sharing our pet's likely behavior in numerous office-related scenarios. Thanks for all of your participation, as well.

The Event Barkers team also wants to thank everyone on the Zuke's team for their support and terrific collaboration. With their help, #WorkLikeaDog was a Trending Topic last night on Twitter. That's always a fun thing to see. Did YOU enjoy yourself? We hope so!

Our 10 winners were:
© EventBarkers
#WorkLikeaDog Prize Packages

  1. RSVP Drawing: @ChaoticKarma23
  2. PreTweet Prize:  @ElizabethKane6
  3. Rafflecopter Package:  @KolkaKreations
  4. Prize #4:  @FurkidParent
  5. Prize #5:  @FromFurrin
  6. Prize #6:  @BlondeTexan71
  7. Prize #7:  @Fionathedoxie
  8. Prize #8:  @Queenof5Guys
  9. Prize #9  @SheltieGirl_727
  10. Grand Prize: @MaggieMMcKenna
In addition to the 8 bags of yummy Zuke's treats and other accessories to round out the prize, our Grand Prize winner will receive 3 training videos, a Ruffwear backpack and collapsible water bowl. This pooch is sure to be ready for both the trail and the office with all these great supplies.

Thanks to all of you who joined us and stuck it out through the end last night. Despite the Twitter issues, we all had a fun time and many great laughs. I'll try to bring you a short version of some of the laugh out loud moments we enjoyed during the QandA on dogs and their jobs. What a hoot!

A small group of willing party guests have taken on a simple 5-question survey to give us feedback on our Event Barkers parties. If you attended and would like to provide some feedback, you can email me with "SURVEY REQUEST" in the subject line, sent to Event Your responses will be anonymous, so you will be free to speak your mind without worry. Thanks for your help in our continuing efforts to improve our events.

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