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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Water Fun 4 Dogs on Mutt Monday

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Go Ahead! Splash and Have Fun!
Hurricane season and the rainy season have both arrived in Florida, along with plenty of heat and humidity. Tanner could not be more thrilled!

Besides playing in the sprinklers that we happen upon while walking, Tanners loves to swim, absolutely insists on splashing in every puddle we pass, and won't miss a chance to swim or play fetch whenever the opportunity presents itself. With a pool and a lake in our backyard, he gets more than his share of water time, which is fine with him.

The low pressure system that pushed through South Florida this past week brought several inches of much needed rain. While Oliver and Jacque were pookie over the rainy, dreary days, Tanner celebrated each opportunity to go out in the rain to take care of business. He really did not understand why Jacque and Oliver were in a hurry to go back into the house. We've used all of our doggie towels more than once and he enjoyed every single duck he attempted to catch. Thankfully, he was unsuccessful.

As you can see, even if a swimming pool is not available to your dog, there are plenty of
water opportunities. Our dog park has misters that many of the dogs enjoy basking in--Tanner included! Another great way to give Fido a cooling off is a kiddie pool. With several inches of water inside, your pup can run and play, splashing through the water as he goes. This sort of fun is good for keeping your pup cool on hot, Summer days.

Today's Blog Hop offers ideas and inspiration for water fun that you can enjoy with your dog. I invite bloggers to join in by linking up their water-related posts. Show us how you give your pup an H2O adventure, either with a comment or a linkup.

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evie said...

my oldest, evie hates to go out in the rain. i used to put a raincoat on her and then she would stay out for a long time...however, she loves to play w/ the water hose. she will go up to it and bark until i turn it on for her, she will jump the water and then try to grab the water....she hates thunderstorm though...

Sage said...

As much as Sage loves water, it has to be on her terms. There will be no hose play or walking in the rain for her!

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