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Monday, May 27, 2013

Mutt Monday Goes Patriotic

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
How Will You Celebrate With Your Dog?

How is it possible that it's already Memorial Day? Wasn't I just reviewing Valentines treats? Oh my; time does fly!
Ready to Celebrate

Today we're sharing posts that are relevant to patriotic holidays like Memorial Day. Are you heading to a celebration at your neighborhood park or having a back yard cookout? My family members have each headed off on their own special outings, while I'll be staying back to swim with Tanner and enjoy some socializing at the dog park or our local pet supply store. We need to work more with Jacque on calming his social enthusiasm :) We've learned that an air-conditioned environment on a hot day is a wonderful way to practice socialization.

When I think about what I just wrote, I have to giggle at myself. Anyone who met Oliver at Blogpaws will tell you he's the friendliest pup on the planet. The moment he locks eyes on you or your dog every inch of him begins to wiggle. With a group of 500 pet lovers and 80 dogs, he was one very happy Fido at Blogpaws, at least while he was awake. I think he's lobbying to return again for our 5th visit in 2014!

We'd love to hear about your plans or how you'll include your dogs in the festivities. Please enjoy your day and feel free to let us know how you spent it.

And next week I'll be back to share:
Greener Flea and Tick Solutions

Join us to learn how Tanner and Oliver stay pest free without chemicals that may be dangerous to their health.

Happy Memorial Day,

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