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Friday, April 26, 2013

What's Your Dog's Favorite Rub?

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Ear Massage, Ahhhh
Every dog has one. Maybe it's that special spot right behind his ears, or possibly the belly rub is her ultimate joy. What about that spot that makes 1 foot do a kickety-kick? Some dogs love to have their necks, ears or snouts massaged. Let's hear from you today, and when you comment, tell me how your dog responds to receiving his all time favorite reward. 

Does he sink into it with total relaxation or get all giddy and silly like Oliver, butt bumping up and down like a jumping bean? Perhaps, like Tanner, he stands very still, afraid it will all go away if he moves. Or maybe your pup is like Xena and will push into the rub to get even more enjoyment from the massage.

And what about that rub? Is it a scratch, stroke, knead, or tickle? Describe it and help us all enjoy it vicariously through your words. This is your chance to write the Weekly Wag :)

Fill us in and give us all a good laugh, all the while you're bonding with your dog. I declare today "Here's the Rub" day!

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larrielle said...

Bentley loves for his belly to be rubbed and scratched. The funny thing is, just like us, certain spots really tickle him LOL

Unknown said...

Spot loves having the base of his tail scratched. He's always putting his butt in my lap to get me to give him a good rub.

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