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Monday, April 29, 2013

Road Trip Tips on Mutt Monday

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Summer vacation season is nearing and many of us are preparing our plans for hitting the road--myself included. Today's version of Mutt Monday is an opportunity for pet bloggers to share their words of wisdom, product reviews and other helpful posts for pet parents who plan road trips with Fido. We hope to see some of our traveling pet bloggers join in. Will you give us an assist and click this Tweet:
And speaking of road trips, I'm going to stay on that very topic with our May 6 Mutt Monday. I'd like to give readers and bloggers alike an opportunity to ask any questions  about Blogpaws. I've realized that as frequently as I have mentioned it, I rarely speak in depth about the details. What would you like to know? Leave your comments here and I'll be happy to answer them with a reply comment. Again, our May 6 theme is:
Questions about Blogpaws
Whether you're curious about who will be there, what types of speakers we have, what our dogs do or what we'll be learning--anything at all--jump right in and ask. No question is too silly. Tanner will be happy to describe his travel pajamas if you really want to know :) You can test this out by clicking on Oliver's Tweet below. Let's see if he replies!!!
Bloggers are welcome to link up their prior posts on the Blogpaws event or posts about their anticipation about going to help us share the excitement. See you next week!

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Dog Toys said...

Will certainly be posting some questions and will check out your twitter page - thanks :-) Dog Toys

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