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Friday, March 1, 2013

My Golden Retriever is a Shepherd

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Bonded from the Beginning

Who knew? Recently I shared with readers how Tanner watched over Oliver when the little squirt escaped and went on walkabout. Tanner watched over him, knowing all along exactly where he was. Today it was Patches' turn. I swear my Golden Retriever thinks he's a shepherd--not a German Shepherd, but a caretaker that watches over the fur kids. Is this dog bonded to his family members? I'd say so!
Safe and Sound at Home

Today we had an incident with my kitty, Patches. She's an indoor cat, so never goes out the front door. We have a large screened porch where she gets her outdoor time; she hunts lizards or watches birds. She's safe there and so are the birds.

While carpenters were working in our home today, and on that porch yesterday, Tanner did what he frequently does when the door is unlocked; he opened it. Patches came along and wandered onto the front porch, lingering to watch the commotion outside. Tanner stopped and dropped to a DOWN, keeping tabs on her for quite a while. It was amazing to watch. Obviously Tanner sees himself as the pet sitter for his two smaller housemates. Does anyone else out there have similar behavior with their dogs? I'm just amazed at his intuitive ability to keep watch. He seems to know they need supervision. #blowmeaway
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Tell me about your pets' and their interest in or ability to watch out for one another. Is this a dynamic--constantly changing--or does it develop and strengthen over time, never going away? Help me research this topic--spill!

Happy tails,

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shilohsmom said...

Shiloh did that with his goats. He was always watching over them when we were outside, and when we were inside he'd go to the window to check on them. He'd panic if we'd go outside and he didn't see one of his goats where he though she should be.

He'd even break up a fight if one goat was beating up on the other, and he'd hold the bully down on the ground in a time out until she settled down. Then he'd release her and let her be if she played nicely afterwards.

Jen said...

Elka is an only pet, but she still watches out for us. If I have water on the stove, she'll start grumbling to me when it comes to a boil. She also seems to have a suspicion of bicycles and skateboards, not because she's fearful f them, but because she feels that they are Not Safe.

dog Barking said...

Love is Every thing. nothing else. Because a dog only stay with his owner just for love.

Dawn said...

Tanner is pawsome! I haven't seen my dogs watching over each other like this. If one of my dogs got out, I think the other one would try to get out too so they can tag along. ;)

GizmoGeodog said...

My dogs Murphy (a Lab) and Cecil (a GSD) were very watchful of each other...When Murphy passed and I adopted Bruno (a Flat-Coat) he took charge of watching out for Cecil, who was a senior dog by then...when Cecil passed and I adopted two cats Bruno took charge of caring for them...I do believe some dogs have a 'shepherding' personality and it's beautiful to see

Talking-Dogs said...

Love it! Our yellow lab, Rudy, has decided to be puppy Rosie's companion/watcher. Always by her side, ready to share toys, food, whatever. If Rosie is on the move, Rudy is right there with her. It's delightful!

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Unknown said...

What a good doggy looking out for his littermates. My part bengal cat Moses doesn't really look out for his mini doxie sister Athena but he does a good job of keeping her out of my hair while I'm cooking.

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