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Friday, February 1, 2013

Houdini Strikes Again, or
Oliver Goes on Walkabout

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Tanner Keeps Watch in the Yard

Tanner and I had a moment on Wednesday. Not what you would normally consider bonding, but this most certainly was a situation where Tanner took charge and did what he could to protect Oliver, despite the situation under which it all took place. I found myself feeling especially thankful for his brotherly love.

One of Tanner's talents is his ability to open the front door. He's willing to invite anyone in, friendly boy that he is, but he also enjoys going outside to visit passersby. And so that's how my story begins. 

I was working at my desk when I vaguely became aware of more outside noise. Honestly, the weather has been so spectacular this Winter (Sounds strange; I know!) that it was a pleasant fresh-air sort of enjoyment that I didn't really respond to consciously. Until I happened to turn and look out the office window.

When I discovered Tanner outside I gasped. That meant the door was open, and Oliver? Oh my! Where was Oliver? My little 10 lb. boy was outside? Or maybe not!

I raced all around the yard, visually checking the neighbors' landscape. No Oliver! I ran back inside hoping that maybe he was just napping in the house and had not followed Tanner outdoors. All of his beds were empty and he was not at his usual hangouts.

I grabbed my keys and Tanner and I took off. If only I could have asked Tanner where Oliver was. As it turned out, he knew all along but was unable to tell me. I mean, I guess he sort of was telling me with his gaze, but I was not really thinking of this as a "Lassie, is the barn on fire?" sort of moment. Little did I know that Tanner was watching out for his 'brother'. I guess he learned some mothering skills from Xena because as it turned out he knew all along where Oliver had taken off to. In hindsight, I guess that's why he didn't appear too worried.

After a round of the neighborhood, calling Oliver's name and trying to think like a 10 lb. Papillon (Could he be heading for the pet supply store?), we circled back by the house and saw a neighbor heading toward our corner. Tucked under his arm was a shivering white pup--Oliver!

I thanked my neighbor for bringing the little guy home and asked where he had found Oliver. He said that Oliver was on his doorstep when he came outside. This neighbor has an adorable little pup that Oliver fancies as a friend, so I guess he had gone on walkabout to check out Maggie's goings on. Why not; he was a free agent for the moment and may as well have put this opportunity to good use with no Mom around calling the shots. Leash free, whoopee!
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Tanner, on the other hand, is trained to stay in our yard. He was sitting in the corner nearest Maggie's house, looking in that direction when I discovered he was outside. I guess I should have put my Cesar Milan hat on and thought it through. Tanner was watching over Oliver. I just couldn't see Oliver on my neighbor's doorstep, it's out of view from the road.
Home Safe Now

Tanner and I welcomed Oliver back and pulled into our driveway, with Tanner licking Oliver in a way that said "Hope you had a nice adventure, Bro". I'm sure Tanner would have loved to tag along but I am so, so glad he watched over Oliver.  I'll know next time that Tanner's body language is meaningful; I should spend more time reading it. I learned some things about my boys that day and we'll definitely be looking into ways to assure the door is always locked. I'm having ambiguous feelings  about Tanner right now. Should I admonish him for opening the door or thank him for keeping watch? Either way I love him so very much. His talents continue to amaze me. Bonded? You bet!

Care to share your dog's story of causing trouble and then helping with the solution as well? The comment link is open.

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evie said...

i am so glad that you fond oliver safe and sound. i know how you feel. my door would fly open when the wind would blow hard, so now i have put a fence across the front deck. it is 9 ft long, so i had to make it myself. the girls would run out the door and off they would go. evie would come back, but the 2 younger girls, they would go everywhere, i live in the country, there are horses, deer, coyotes, etc. i would freak out. evie takes off sometimes, but she eventually comes back unless one of my nasty neighbors holds her hostage, which they have done for 8 hrs or more, sometimes. one neighbor has threatened to kill my dog b/c i allowed someone to hunt deer on my property. i dont have the nicest neighbors, which is why i am trying to move. however, i plan to fix them, i am selling my property to a commercial realtor and houses will be built. cant tell you the number of times they have threatened me in the past 12 yrs, but i dont need to be here anymore b/c my mother passed away 2 yrs ago so now i can move since she is not living w/ me anymore which is why i moved back 12 yrs ago to take care od her b/c my older siblings were abusing her. evie has a microchip, however the 2 younger girls dont, they came from a show breeder, who is against them. i have read good and bad abt them, so i am not sure,...terriers do not obey as well as younger dogs, they get a wild hair and just take off. evie had a crush on the neighbor's dog, who is also a mixed terrier. she would go sit on their porch as if to ask if he could come out to play, they did not like that, however, it was okay if their dogs came down to my house, dug up my plants, dig holes around the fences....anyway, i am so glad that you found oliver. we go thru so many emotions, scared, frightened, mad, thankful, when they go missing. i always find myself praying to god as i am walking thru the woods, creeks, roads, praying that i find them safe and to bring them back to me. they are the only family that i really have.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Evie: Wow! Neighbors can definitely be good and bad. Good luck in your quest to move on. The toughest thing about buying a new home is assessing new neighbor's acceptance of our dogs. I find this concern worries me the most when considering a move. At least here, I know what to expect from the neighbors I currently have. Best wishes!

Dawn said...

Scary! I'm so glad Oliver was nearby and safe. I can just imagine the intense worry and the extreme relief when he came home. Those high emotions would trigger my migraines, for sure. Both Sephi and Maya had gotten out before (individually on separate occasions) but I never even realized it until neighbors brought them home. "Is this your dog?" "My dog? My dog is in the back... Nevermind. Yes, that is my dog."

Sage said...

I can just imagine the worry and fear that was going through your mind.I'm so glad Oliver was close by! Sage took off out the front door a few times and went across a somewhat busy street. I was in a panic, but fortunately, she doesn't run too far AND she hasn't pulled that stunt in a long time.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the feeling of a missing dog, hell, I freak out when they get away from me when we are out! I'm glad to hear Oliver is back home.

I think we just need to be more in tune with our dogs, or learn doglish! I was walking my last dog, Stella, with a friend and her dog at the race track. Her cat decided to follow us and we kept an eye on him. On the way back we didn't see the cat but figured he was hiding or went home. This track we were on had an inner track that was surrounded by small ditch that usually had water in it, plus one section had an opening for bringing the horses into the inner track. We got close this opening when Stella started pulling me over to the ditch and freaking out. We didn't think anything of it but once we got past a certain section she was pulling me back. Finally we went to see why she was freaking out and it turned out Andy, the cat, was stuck in this little hole that went under the section that took you into the inner track. My friend was so happy and kept calling Stella a hero. Oh, and her dog, Yanna, nothing. No reaction at all!

Rick said...

The mischief our animals get into amazes me everyday. It makes me wonder if Tanner thought you were going crazy. I'm glad everyone is home safe and sound.

We had a friend that had to put a commercial buzzer on their door because the cat kept opening it and going walk-about. It was money well spent because after a few trips the cat realized that escape was hopeless and she gave up trying.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Rick: I once had a cat who could open doors as well. She was an amazing girl. I miss her!

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